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How 2 exclude vouchers from quantity discount calc

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Hi all,


Apologies if this has been covered before... I have the Gift Voucher contrib on my site along with the default quantity discount order total module at checkout, which gives an X% discount for two or more items purchased, etc...


The problem is that when a customer purchases a voucher and another item, the cart (quite correctly) applies my quantity discount to both the voucher and the item. When the person receiving/redeeming the voucher uses it (and is purchasing >1 item) they *also* get the quantity discount.


So in effect, the voucher amount is being discounted *twice*... Does anyone have a suggestion on modifying the Qty Discount order total module so that it excludes certain items upon checkout -- such as items whose model #'s begin with GIFT_


I've look at the qty order total module and is uses a class function which is likely used in many other areas of the site, so I was reluctant to change that...


Any suggestions are appreciated.

** Please do not PM with personal support requests (even if offering "payment"). Thank you.

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