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UPS Module Low Price Quotes

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I have been having some ongoing issues with the UPS price quoting on my site. I am not sure what is going on here, but I thought it might be useful to ask around in here. At this time, I am using the basic install of osCommerce2.2ms2, and have v1.54 of ups.php, dated 4/8/2003. The problem I am having is this:


If I quote a package, weighing 1.25 lbs, shipping UPS Ground from zip code 30062 to 30062, using "CC" as the option in the site, I get a price of $6.35 from my site. However, the price as quoted by UPS.com is 6.90. The difference between my quote and the UPS qupte rises the further out it goes. I have one customer who recently ordered from me. My site quoted a price of 7.20, whereas ups.com shows 9.75. Anyone know what is up here? If there is a better way to do this, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could direct me to that option.

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