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Is there a contribution that allows you to...

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IS there a contribution that allows you to click on an image, and a larger image pops up? The products that I plan to sell at my store requires detail, and the image that you get in the regular OSCommerce is too small....


Any ideas??

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The basic install of osC has that built in, but there is a drawback to it.


It uses the same image for the thumbnail and the large popup image.

If you use a 400 X 400 image for the product, osC will resise (but not save) it to display as the thumbnail - the popup will display full size.


You seem to be uploading small images to suite the needs of the thumbnail displayed for the product - therefore, the popup is small.


If you use small images - you get what you have.


If you use large images - osC takes some time to render them as thumbnails, thus slowing page load time.


There are some contributions to help with this.

Some let you add thumb and large images to each product.

Some auto-generate (and save) thumbs when you use a large image only.


Search the contributions and find one that you feel comfortable installing and using.



Ack Ack!

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