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Strange behavior moving store to new domain

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Not being happy with my store name and domain, I purchased a new, more descriptive domain and am renaming my store. I've configured Apache (1.3.27 on Linux) for ip based virtual host to accomodate both domains while I get the new store up and running. I've created a new database and imported the existing data into it. I've copied my store catalog directory into a new directory and modified ~/catalog/includes/configure.php and ~/catalog/admin/includes/configure.php to reflect the new catalog directory and database. Using phpMyAdmin, I've modified the table 'configuration' in the new database to reflect the new store name and url. At first, things looked OK, but when I went to the admin panel on the new store and changed the name, logo and other setting and put the store into maintenance mode, all of the changes also showed up in the existing store. Going into the admin panel in the existing store and changing things back has a similar effect on the new store. The databases for each store have the correct information. If after changing the information in the admin panel in the existing store, I go back to the admin panel in the new store, the store info is correct but the store logo, name, url etc., are for the existing store. If I just select an item to change and click modify and then accept the change, without making any actual change, the store info is corrected. It seems that making any kind of change in the admin panel of either store selects that stores database as a default database for all stores. Does this make sense? Is there a way to correct this very strange behavior?



Rick Knight


I hope this make sesne to someone

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