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Easy Populate and Attributes

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I have 50 products, 196 options (all options apply to all products). I keyed in the option values by hand and wanted to use Easy Populate to create the product attributes. I downloaded the model/attributes text file and imported it into excel and it filled all 256 columns(this was expected). I cleaned up the last couple of rows and added the EOREOR at the end. I saved it as a text file and uploaded it back to the server via Easy Upload(no errors).


Now, when I go to the store and view the products it sorts the options backwards. So, I thought, I'll deal with that later and tried to import the rest of the data. For some reason when I (try to) import the 2nd part of the data from the text file it acts as though it loads, no errors are reported in osc, however, it deletes everything from the previous import and your back to square one with no product attributes.


I really dont want to have to key in 196 options for 50 products, if anyone has a clue I'll buy you a beer... :blink:




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