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Quick Checkout?

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Here's what I'd like to do. (Click the

second Checkout button to follow it.) The

idea is a streamlined checkout. Customer

selects her item, then chooses country FIRST

(to set the zone-based shipping costs), THEN

fills out all details on a single page.


Is there a contribution for this? Or an easy

way to hack it together? I'm no good at

coding (as you may have guessed), so it's

all the variable-passing and making sure the

fields send the right info that's screwing me up.

I've also got a few mods in place that make

expanding it even more difficult.


I really do need some help on this. Please.



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Thanks for the suggestion, but I looked at that

earlier... without clear instructions in English,

I'm reluctant to try incorporating it. My site is

live, and I don't really want to break it before

this contrib is proven or clear enough for me to

understand. (I think most people who look at

that contrib will think the same thing.)


Are there any other ideas? Thanks!



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