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I have had so much time spent on this problem..


Anyway, All I got was 500 erros across my whole site when i uploaded the htaccess (all 3 versions out there)


I have dwindled it down to two lines that cause errors...


Options +FollowSymlinks




AddType application/x-httpd-php php php4 php3 html htm



But the contrib doesnt want to work without these two lines.. any help?

also, I use the template system so some files are .tpl.php that are included, does that matter??





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ok, ive asked my host and they said:


Harvey: and one more we are limiting the use of :

Harvey: Action

Harvey: AddCharSet

Harvey: AddEncoding

Harvey: AddLanguage

Harvey: AddType

Harvey: BrowserMatch

Harvey: BrowserMatchNoCase

Harvey: CookieTracking

Harvey: DefaultLanguage

Harvey: DefaultType

Harvey: ErrorDocument

Harvey: ErrorHeader

Harvey: Header

Harvey: LanguagePriority

Harvey: Options

Harvey: PassEnv

Harvey: Redirect

Harvey: RedirectMatch

Harvey: RedirectPermanent

Harvey: RedirectTemporary

Harvey: SetEnv

Harvey: SetEnvIf

Harvey: SetEnvIfNoCase

Harvey: UnsetEnv



so im guessing these two options arent available.. this is at globat.com by the way..


Is there a work around for this at all?? anything please?!

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I'd be looking for a new host if I were you.

Your website is sloooooowwww.


Someone else here is using them...


they run their servers at an unbelieveable double to triple the recommended load. :blink:

Edited by cyanide

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Yeah, best if you get a decent hosting provider such as powweb or lunarpages. I am using both of them and very happy with their features, performance and excellent value.


P.S. And their support is SUPER. :)

Edited by dr_lucas

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