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Curl eror creating FEDEX lable

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We have a new installation of OSC 2.2. I have installed and configured FEDEX ship 2.04 and it functions correctly. Our account has been added to the test server. I have installed Fedex Automated Lables and it appears to function normally up to the point where package weight is submitted. The following error occurrs once the request is submitted:


This transaction could not be completed. Please note the error message below.



unable to process ship_express


The error is independant of the choice of either test or production server. I don't find any reference to "error 768"

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The only information I could find about a cURL error #768 is remarkably unhelpful:




The claim there is that there is no such thing as cURL error #768:


There is no such error number. It indicates a problem somewhere.


So I'm not sure what to tell you at this point, other than that the error number appears to be a red herring.



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