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Payflowlink not getting enabled?!?!?

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installed this PayFlow Link and followed all the instructions (easy too)




Well it shows up in Modules -> Payment and I got it installed/configured fine but on checkout it doesn't show as being an available payment method?!?!?


Verisign Payment Module 

Allow VeriSign
Login ID
Partner ID
Transaction Type


There is no sort order for it... How do I set it as an available payment method?!?


Thanks in advance!

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Have you been able to get you payflow link to work?


I also have payflow link and the credit card info is processed but the order is not being captured in the osc admin. do you have this issue also?




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I have added install instructions for adding a Sort Order feature to the Masked PayFlow Link contrib. It will most likely work with all of the PayFlow Link contribs that do not have the Sort Order feature enabled. You can find the install instructions here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2892

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