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Download <b>and</b> Shipping?

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Is there something in the coding of osCommerce that

prevents a downloadable item from also having a shipping cost?


If so... how do I remove that restriction?


I've got Add-weights-to-product-attributes-v0.2 installed.

I've got Bundled Products installed.


I'm selling a bundle that has a hardcopy book and an eBook

for immediate download.


Problem is, whenever I attach the download to the product, the

shipping cost disappears! But I still need to charge shipping on

that option.


And... in case it helps... even if I just create a new product

entirely (without using the bundle features), it still doesn't work.


That's why I'm wondering if it's in the osCommerce coding.


Please help... THANKS!



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It's a bundle. So they ARE two separate products.

But together, there's a combo price.


But together, it skips the shipping.


Any ideas?



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