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Hidden Products

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Is there a way to create a product (or options for an existing product)

that are hidden from the normal navigational structure?


For example:


- Widget A

(publicly available)


- Special Widget A+

(only available through a direct link)


The idea is... I want to have certain customers click on a special

link (that I send via email, or some other way) that allows them to

order a product.


But I don't want that product (or special pricing) available to

anyone other than those who follow the special link.


Is there an easy way to do this? Or maybe a contribution available?


Or... is there another way to achieve the same objective?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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You can do this by adding the product into the top level of your category structure, rather than in a category itself.


The downside is that it will still be listed in 'New Products' and will be displayed in any search results.





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