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adult website, description not appearing

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Hi All


WARNING: This site is not for the faint hearted, for others who can help, read on....


My truncated description is not appearing on the page


I have copied the product_listing.php page directly from the mod.


I was having problems with formatting, so i took out


// Products Description Hack begins


$lc_params = 'rowspan="2" ';


// Products Description Hack ends


from product_listing.php


Don't know if it's related? Any ideas?





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I've been fiddling and put all files back the way the mod specifies.


The advanced_search works (I know the page appears at the bottom, that's next on the list to fix, i know what the prob is there) - but the simple product_listing doesn't display the description, and is probably responsible for the jagged table display.


Any clues will be throughly investigated.



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