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Digital Delivery

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I tried posting this in the Features and Suggestions

forum, but nobody replied. I really could use some



I've already got a shopping cart, but it's

a bit cumbersome, it uses the software

company's secure server, and it just isn't

doing what I want it to do.


I want to switch to osCommerce.


However, I need to know if it'll do what I

need it to do before investing the time

and energy getting up to speed, and from

a quick look at the site, I couldn't tell.


Basically, we sell software and other

physical goods.


But we want to add an eBook to our offerings.


Our current software has no way to take

the buyer to a specific download page after

the purchase. (Or, alternatively, to email

the buyer a customized download username

and password.)


Can I do that with osCommerce? If so, can

you let me know how?


I would very much appreciate it! Thanks...



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