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New CC payment gateway...

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Hi there guys...


Im about to murder someone - im so fustrated...


Right, how do i do this...


My payment gateway wants me to post them the following :


CustomerEmail, password, amount, storeID, Reference.... <-Now thats all hunky dorey, hacked another contribution that sends all this to a server and changed the settings to what i needed, no problem there and my user enters the credit card details there (Setcom's verification website) then... here is the problem...


I can specify a page to post back to on setcom's website(the verification system).... what page do i tell it to go back to???

I tried checkout_php etc but it all takes me back to the login.php screen???!!!!


Now, this is what they say they post back :


2. We do post back to you these variables if a transaction is succesful:


ordernumber - This is the unique OrderID created for every new order.

This is Setcom's reference to the order and should be used when further queries are done on the order.

amount - The total amount of the order (shipping, tax etc included) in normal decimal format without currency symbol.

reference - This is your unique reference to the order, passed to Setcom in your pay-button.

authnumber - The authorization number returned from the bank for the transaction.

brandid - The brand used for the transaction. The brand ID's are as follows:

1. Visa

2. MasterCard

3. American Express

4. Diners

5. Direct Deposit

6. C.O.D.

7. SBM Cards

You must have specified a Confirmation URL for us to be able to post back to

you. (In your Commerce Manager, by clicking on "Lite Customisation",

"CreditCard Response".


Thanks in advance guys....im really desparate!!!

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please please please please help!!! :)


Been searching and searching and no luck.


The problem up to date! Can add stuff to basket, then pay(when im redirected to setcom) then, when it comes back to my site it brings me to login.php.


I ask it to go the checkout_process.php but the first validation in that file, the one that says if (!tepIsRegistered('product_id')) part pushes me to the login.php page, thing is, im still logged in so its a false statement.


Bottom line, what variable do i need to pass back to my site to "regisiter" the session? Or does everything need to be passed back? ie:shipping,order,product_id... I even tried oscsid etc etc


Please please please help...


thanks again,



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Hi Guys


Wow - I am getting quite a response from this post - 15 people have contacted me this month so far (JULY 2005). This post is over a year old though ;)


I have a module that is up and running - the old and the new version of Setcom. It took me quite a while to work it out, but once you know how its a rather easy process.


I have also programmed a module for M-Web's services using XML.


If you are looking for some advice lemme know at nick@ngrcomputers.co.za!


Keep well and good luck :)

Edited by NGR

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