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Innovative Gateway access problem

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I have a similiar problem. My hosting service told me to get gateway server IP and the port the server uses from IGS. But it turns out I dont have a IGS account, I only have a Quickbooks Merchant account and their Quickbooks eCommerce account, not a IGS account. They dont work the same.. oh well.. maybe Authorize.net is a better way to go.

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has anyone found a solution to this?


I copied someone's solution and it's posting to my account as declined since i'm using the test cc #. at least now i know i don't have a problem connecting to the gateway anymore.


The only 2 issues i have now is:

1. it post the raw data to my checkout_process.php file.

i get something like this:





then i also get this warning. I figure it's giving me this warning because I'm requesting an output.


Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/milen2/public_html/gp/includes/modules/payment/innovative.php:142) in /home/milen2/public_html/gp/includes/functions/general.php on line 33

line 142: $return_string = curl_exec ($ch);

line 33: header('Location: ' . $url);


 // post the data
  exec($cmd, $return_string);

[color="#FF0000"]// here's the code i added.[/color]
if ( empty($return_string) && $this->logfile) { // using exec no curl errors can be retrieved
error_log("Error from cURL using exec() since there is no \$return_string\n", 3, $this->logfile);
if ($this->logfile) {
error_log("IGS RESPONSE using exec(): " . $return_string[0] . "\n", 3, $this->logfile);
elseif ($this->use_exec == '1') { // if NOT (function_exists('exec') && $this->use_exec == '1'
if ($this->logfile) {
error_log("Sorry, exec() cannot be called\n", 3, $this->logfile);
} else{ // default behavior: cURL is assumed to be compiled in PHP
// echo "curl command<br>" . $cmd . "<br>";
$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1);
curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $data);
curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, 0);

if ($this->logfile) {
error_log("IGS REQUEST: " . $return_string . "\n", 3, $this->logfile);
[b]$return_string = curl_exec ($ch);   <------------------line 142[/b][color="#FF0000"][/color]if (curl_errno($ch) && $this->logfile) {
$error_from_curl = sprintf('Error [%d]: %s', curl_errno($ch), curl_error($ch));
error_log("Error from cURL: " . $error_from_curl . "\n", 3, $this->logfile);
if ($this->logfile) {
error_log("RESPONSE: " . $return_string . "\n", 3, $this->logfile);
curl_close ($ch);
[color="#FF0000"]// end new code[/color]

     // Set up default error condition
     $card_status[0] = "error";
     $card_status[1] = "Error accessing gateway";


if i deleted the section then i get the error accessing gateway and it doesn't even post.

if i leave it in the i get the raw data, but it post to my account.


Does anyone have any solutions that i can get this to work? I can't seem to get any help from igs.

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I got this working on a Network Solutions hosted OsCommerce site. Here's how I did it:


1. Download "OsCommerce v2.2, 2.3 API" from here: Innovative Merchant Solutions Developer Info


2. Put the two files in the correct folders on the "catalog" level (not in "admin").


3. Go to your Admin > Modules > Payment and click on "Innovative" then "Install"


My settings are:

Accept Innovative Payments: True

USERid On Gateway: XxXXX12345 (This was my IMS website "user id", not my "merchant id")

Password: your IMS password

Payment Server: https://transactions.innovativegateway.com/...gateway.aai.Aai

Path to cURL: /usr/bin/curl


4. Find out the IP address & Port for your website's secure (SSL) hosting. I had to call Network Solutions for this. They gave me an IP & Port number.


5. Log into Innovative's Website using the UserID & Password you used in the module set-up.


a. Click on "Security" at the top

b. Click on "Edit Registered IPs"

c. Click on "Add an IP"

d. Add your IP like:

e. I added another IP with the port number at the end like so:

(so I added 2 in total)


When I logged out & checked the site, it worked! I didn't mess with any of the code that was provided in the API package.


Things to note:


I had to change this "http://transactions.innovativegateway.com/servlet/com.gateway.aai.Aai" to this "https://transactions.innovativegateway.com/servlet/com.gateway.aai.Aai"


I had to edit the path to cURL (removing "local").


I had to contact Network Solutions to get the correct IP address & port number of my SSL server.


I have no idea if "registering" both IPs (with port & without) are necessary.


Thanks and I hope that helps someone.

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