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Dr. DK

Authorize.net Not Connecting?

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Hello all,


I would appreciate it if someone could help me with my problem.


I have 2.2 Osc running, and I'm trying to use it with Authorize.net!


Everything works smooth but the processing page!


On the Payment Information page, I input all the info, and on the Confirmation page, I click on Confirm Order and it trows me back to Payment Information page? I do not know why???


Any ideas or suggestins, greatly appreciated!






Dr. DK

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When I put the store and the auth settings in test mode, the test transaction goes through with no errors.


We are trying it with valid cc data and still no go.


Chat with Auth.net and they were able to look at the transaction ID and tell me the following:


(31) Invalid FDC MID or TID Action Code: General Error

The FDC Merchant ID or Terminal ID is incorrect. Call Merchant Service Provider.

Your Merchant Service Provider (MSP) is the company that acts as your Financial Institution. They do the depositing into your bank account and maintains your merchant account with Visa and Master Card. They are also the company that charges you the percentage discount rate on your batch settlements. Because of Authorize.Net's role in the credit card process, we are unable to view who your merchant provider is. However, by looking at your credit card statement you should be able to find who your Merchant Service Provider is, along with their contact information.


Your error may be something else, but if it goes through in test mode and not in live mode, you may want to contact Auth net and see if they can check your trans for errors as well.


Good Luck!



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Go into your authnet control panel and click "Unsettled Transaction". It will show all the transactions and their details processed by authent (Declined transactions as well). You can check whether the cards processed by you are entered into authnet or not? If yes, the what are errors and if not, there must be some interaction (scripting/configuration) problem at your site.

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