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Problems with Secure Credit Card - GPG

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I've been trying to implement the following contribution:



Everything seems to work fine except for the resulting encrypted credit card number. When I view an order via the admin, I get a big GnuPG block in place of the cc number. Makes sense...


Unfotunately, it seems that this block is simply blank. Decrypting it reveals absolutely nothing. It's an encryption of a blank space. The other funny thing is that if you set the mod to email encrypted cc info, you get an email that is a GnuPG encryption of the blank cc encryption block, complete with HTML line breaks.


Anyone out there using this mod successfully? Any ideas? TIA.



OpenBSD, Apache-ModSSL

PHP 4.3.3, MySQL Ver 11.18 Distrib 3.23.57

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I'm with you. Looks like a good module ... if it would work. I had exactly the same problem. Anyone out there know what the problem might be?

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