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Found 4 results

  1. PatrickPeeters

    Shipping based on weight

    I'm offering Pickup and Shipping on my site. For products which I can do both it works. I want some products never to be shipped, because their simply to heavy. So if I can hide shipping for products that are way to heavy for shipment and only display pickup as an option. It works if I let OSC 2.2 do it on price, with the following code in the shipping module. if ( ($this->enabled == true) && ($order->info['total']>= 100) ) { $this->enabled = false; } What would be to code to do it base on weight? This doesn't seem to work for me: if ( ($this->enabled == true) && ($shipping_weight >= 100) ) { $this->enabled = false; Should be easy feeling kinda stupid that nothing seems to work!
  2. Hi Please treat me gently. I have a developer who has added the basic cart for me to my store & now I am left to edit & add products. The stumbling block is shipping. I can see I can add this for US shipping: Zone Based Rates Enable Zones Method True Tax Class --none-- Sort Order 1 Zone 1 Countries US Zone 1 Shipping Table 2.9:1.00,4.9:5.00,15.9:7.00,19.9:10.00,10000:0.00 Zone 1 Handling Fee 0 No idea how to add an additional Zone based rates, with a completely different shipping table, for Worldwide shipping. I have tried reading the guide but I have no joy. If anyone wants to hold me hand and guide me I would be most appreciative. Thanks Tanya Tate
  3. Hello. I have just installed (and finally got working) the USPS shipping module. Not I'm trying to work out which shipping methods I want to offer. However, I have noticed that the module automatically starts the shipping weight at 3 lbs. I have items that magazines and weigh only ounces, yet if someone only orders one, they are getting charged for 3 lbs. Is there any way to change this default weight? Thank you.
  4. jlivsey

    shipping module help

    Hi I have a site Im configuring and need a method for handling shipping that takes weight into account AND address. So for example a product that weighs 2kg would cost 1.50 to deliver in the home country but then + 2.00 in Europe and then +3.50 for the rest of the world. There are so many addons out there for shipping but i cant seem to find one that suits perfectly, does anyone know if such a thing exists? thanks!