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Found 4 results

  1. It seems like every other question posted nowadays is about how to upgrade an older version of oscommerce and the op usually references the official version. This post is meant to provide a quick reference for how to convert an older shop to the current, recommended, one. First, the version that should be used is commonly called the Bootstrap, BS or Responsive version. It can be located here. One should not use the official version. The official version can be installed via the hosts control panel so it is easy to think that is the one to use - it is not. Since the BS version is not directly compatible with other versions, the following steps will be needed: Install the BS version into a new location Convert the database. See this thread for help with that. Install whatever addons the site needs. You need to be sure the addon will work with the BS version. This thread mentions specific ones but there are many others that will work. If in doubt, ask in the support thread for the addon in question. If you intend to use paypal, then install the Paypal App. At this point you should have a working shop. Test it thoroughly, especially the payment and shipping modules, before going live with it. When you are ready to go live, Mark your current shop as down for maintenance ( a simple index.html file is fine for this purpose ). Make a backup of the current shops database and files. Convert the database to the BS version. Replace all of the files with the new shops files. Edit the configure files so they work as the live shop. Remove the blocking page. If everything has gone correctly, the conversion should be complete.
  2. Hi, I've version is 2.3.1 and want to upgrade latest one. Is there any way to upgrade without any technical knowledge. Mean directly from 2.3.1 to 2.3.4. thanks.
  3. I am new to osCommerce so I am taking it rather slowly. 1. I downloaded osCommerce v2.3.4 Full Package and installed it. 2. I read and followed the installation and configuration guide. a. Installation went quite smoothly. b. Have some configuration issues. i. I wanted to display my products in a grid and not a list. ii. I wanted customers to be able to make purchases from mobile devices. After some research I realized that I needed to upgrade to osC2.3.4 GOLD. I downloaded it from a link in this forum. Can someone tell me, can I upgrade from v2.3.4 to 2.3.4 GOLD or do I have to start all over from scratch? Is there additional installation and configuration documentation for it? 3. Other Issues that I haven't been able to figure out how to fix. a. My store header is very short (the category bar is overlaying my company icon) and my store name is missing. b. I want to add another button to the "Cart Contents", "Checkout", amd "my Account" buttons. c. My store footer only contains the osCommerce logo and I can't figure out how to change it. d. I need my store category bar color to be a different color for continutity purposes. Like I said, "I am new to osCommerce so I have a lot of questions about configuring my osCommerce store." Any help or references/links where I can determine how to fix these things is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tim
  4. Hi, I currently have v2.3.1 installed. Should I upgrade (download) to v2.4? Is so, how do I go about doing that process. I'm do not know how to write code so detailed, step by step instructions would be very much appreciated. Thanks and Happy Holidays. :)