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Found 7 results

  1. I would propose an update to the website for the 3.0 release that would at least give us links for each country that then load a page of mods that are associated with that country only. Since there is a need to update the mods for the latest version of a release. It can become painful to have to search for a particular country mod and get the right update or pieces to group together to allow your store to work in that language. Especially if that country was only added once. Better idea - create a form submission language pack generator An even better system would list out all of the components of the tool that need to be defined for each language and then generate a "language pack" based on the text entered into the form. So if there are 300 sentences that would normally be included in a language pack, a form with all 300 sentences would appear. This form would populate itself from a database or fixed PHP page. If anyone wanted to submit new or "better" translations for that sentence they could by proposal through the forums in a post to the language forum. In any event one would be able to hand correct the sentences on the form before generating the language package to download. As the language package creation process is then automated it could be changed for each release and any missing sentences would immediately be known via "form text box highlighting" and warning ("This box is empty, please fill in a sentence"). Using a base language of English as the form box title it should be fairly simple to understand for any one who wishes to create content in their language. (does google translate have an API to help with that?) Having a form submission process would then provide 2 things. A clean interface for everyone to customize the language of their shop, and a data collection process of all of the content used for shops. So basically we are polling our user base for suggestions on translations. If the data is collected from the form submission, problematic areas of the store become more apparent as they would have the most changes submitted. And participation in language translation becomes a non technical request that doesn't require one to have to know how to create a mod in order to share. In addition depending on what gets submitted a drop down list of alternates that have been used before could be included as possible suggestions. Truly leveraging the strength of the community. Further if a particular item has 100+ alternates, perhaps its time to create an admin option to rename it in the backend as well as this is something that people tend to do. -Blue Penguin
  2. Hi, i have found the next messages which could be important: i have no information about changing of datetime format but many of updated shop probably need this change. more info here http://mysqlserverteam.com/upgrading-old-mysql-5-5-format-temporals-to-mysql-5-6-format-2/ i think this could be used in next releases ALTER TABLE t1 FORCE; Regards, Gergely
  3. jonathanduncanr

    Help Desk Add-on for 2.3

    Hello, I have been trying to get a 2.2 help desk add-on to work on my 2.3 site. Anyone could point me out to an upgraded addon or maybe instructions on how to make the 2.2 addon work in 2.3? or if this is even possible? this is the addon i was trying to make work: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/859 Thank you in advance for taking your time to help me in this as I'm sure others will benefit from this aswel. Best Regards Jonathan Duncan
  4. Hi all, I have collected here the most critical new mySqli usage and issues for addon edits recommendation. 1. Different return values from tep_db_query() mysql return false or result mysqli return result object or false Would be better to control the result before do anything: if (tep_db_num_rows("query string") > 0) { //than do something } Try avoid examination on result directly: $result = tep_db_query("query string"); if ($result = 'something') 2. some construction problem may close the mysql connection so a similar error messages found: possible issues - non oscommerce standard redirection Note: when PHP script is finished the database connection automatic closed. 3. hard coded mysql database PHP usage After the updates hardly recommended to use mysqli core built in functions. PHP 5.4 store deprecated errors. mysql_query PHP functions will not be supported in PHP 5.5 version. Other tips are welcome! Best Regards, Gergely
  5. I am trying to find an auto update exchange rate module to help keep our prices updated to our international customers. We purchase some of our products from the UK also so trying to figure out if we need to have a way of putting UK Prices on those specific products or whether or not we can put the exchange rate price at the time of entry. The current module that I am looking at is called Auto Update Currency Exchange Rate code and installation process below. Hi All I've modified this contribution to do the following: - Integrate with the native Currency functionality of OSC (ie when you go to Admin->Localization->Currencies) it will update the currencies using the European Central bank rates - Because it integrates with the native Currencies functionality, it will work with as many Currencies as you want. Just use the OSC's Localization->Currency functionality to add and manage currencies. - Will work with all stores, regardless of what the Default Currency is (ie the store default currency doesn't have to be EUR or GBP). It will auto detected the store's native currency and calculate the exchange rates correctly. - Will work with all currencies provided by EC Bank (EUR, GBP, USD, CAD, HKD, and many more ....; it won't work with currencies not listed by the EC Bank). INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1) Edit /admin/includes/functions/localization.php At the end of the document, paste the following code (before the "?>" line): function quote_ECBank_currency($to) { # Read currency exchanges rates $xmlcontents = file("http://www.ecb.int/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily.xml"); # $xld may be used in your output to inform you user or admin # Extract exchange rates foreach ($xmlcontents as $line) { ereg("currency='([[:alpha:]]+)'",$line,$gota); if (ereg("rate='([[:graph:]]+)'",$line,$gotb)) { $exchrate[$gota[1]] = $gotb[1]; } } $exchrate['EUR'] = 1; /* manually add 1 EUR = 1 EUR to the array (all Exch.Rates are from EUR to X because we're getting them from ECB*/ if (!array_key_exists(DEFAULT_CURRENCY, $exchrate)) { return false; /* the Store Default currency must be present in the list because these exchange rates are based in 1EUR=xx Therefore we need to calculate the rate from EUR to the Default currency and then from the Default currency to the destination currency */ } if (!array_key_exists($to, $exchrate)) { return false; } $DefaultCurr_to_EUR_Rate = round(1 / $exchrate[DEFAULT_CURRENCY], 8); $DefaultCurr_to_DestCurr = round($DefaultCurr_to_EUR_Rate * $exchrate[$to], 8); if (is_numeric($DefaultCurr_to_DestCurr) && $DefaultCurr_to_DestCurr > 0) { /* make sure we got a valid number */ return $DefaultCurr_to_DestCurr; } else { return false; } } Save the file. Step 2: Edit admin/includes/application_top.php Find the line that starts with "define('CURRENCY_SERVER_PRIMARY', " and replace the whole line with: define('CURRENCY_SERVER_PRIMARY', 'ECBank'); Save the file. All done. TESTING THE INSTALLATION: Now go to the Admin section, select Localization and then Currencies. Click Update. You should see a message saying that all currencies were successfully updated via ECBank. If you see an error about updating via ECBank, see the troubleshooting bellow: TROUBLESHOOTING: 1) If you see an error when testing it may be caused by 2 things: A) Your server is not being able to fetch the file from the EC bank. B) There's a poorly written sanity check in the file admin/currencies.php that may cause these issues. To fix case B) do this: Edit admin/currencies.php Find the line that says "if (tep_not_null($rate)) {" and replace the whole line with: if (is_numeric($rate) && $rate > 0) { Save the file and test again. 2) You may also want to adjust your Exchange Rate BACKUP server (in case the updating via the primary server - ECBank - fails). In admin/includes/application_top.php Find the line that looks like "define('CURRENCY_SERVER_BACKUP', 'XXXX');" replace 'XXXX' with 'oanda' or 'xe' depending on which server you want to use as backup server. I hope you find the contribution useful. :) As always, BACKUP ALL FILES before modifying them. Contributions used at your own risk. ( I will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage or loss derived of using this contribution. ) Regards Pedro We use osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.3 with OzPost MultiQuote and Paypal Website Payments Standard. Hope someone can help with this and you understand my questions. All help appreciated.
  6. Hello All, my manager wants me to add a wish list function to our site. We are using 2.3 - the module MyWishList 1.03 was recommended to me, but it was designed for 2.2. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2581 (my manager doesn't like how GiftMe work, so it is not an option) I am reviewing the instructions for MyWishList and it asks for the "column_right.php" file in the "includes" folder. I am aware that the "column_right.php" was made redundant in the 2.3. I sort of understand that and it's functions are taken over by "/includes/modules/boxes/" and that I would have to make a new box module. Is this correct? If I create a box module, how will this affect how I edit the other files? Any help is most welcome Thanks
  7. JoshBowe

    PayPal eCheque's & Order Status

    Hi everyone, I noticed that we'd been getting quite a lot of PayPal eCheque payments of late, this isn't a problem but it's often easy to miss that it's an eCheque as when paying using an eCheque the payment goes into the 'Pending' status along with all of the other fully completed payments. I was wondering if it was possible for just eCheque payments to be put into a status of their own 'Pending eCheques' automatically, then when the eCheque clears, for the status to be updated to 'Pending' so it goes in with the rest of the completed payments? If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated. Thanks.