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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, As I browse around the internet looking at websites of the major players, I notice a few things they all have in common. I haven't done anything with OSCommerce in a while but I thought about the SEO discussions and decided to post. One is how their headers are set up. Search in the middle, logo to the left and something administrative or special to the right. I know that's not too exciting for some of you. And they all have a very special deal at the very top. Seems like that's where they "set the tone" if you will. From what I'm seeing, not much investment goes into rest of these multi-million dollar websites. Headers are dazzling but the rest is not so. Another is they invest much in banners and pictures. All I see are large banners that capture theme or an ongoing special. Also, themed images for categories also. Click on the categories and see a lot of product pictures and prices. That's it. With those images they are X-selling and upselling. And yes a huge banner at the top of every category. Finally, I notice a network of internal linking and ratings stars. I do realize everything I mentioned been important for on-page seo but there's more emphasis on them now than ever. So I guess that's the trending content structure for large e-commerce sites. There's nothing major when it comes to the literature side of content but there's a lot going into the visual aspects. What do you guys think?
  2. Hello. 1. On 2.3v I added a theme using the JQuery_themes 1.8.6 add on instructions and the instructions from 'designing new themes the easy way' post and I can still only see the Redmond theme. (The theme was JQuery_themes 1.8.6 add on) I added as per instructions via catalog/ext and catalog/includes. Then found Redmond folder was only present in includes/includes so tried same instructions using includes/includes and ext/template_top - still no change to theme. (Also tried creating own theme but JQuery themes creator page only shows 1.9v- didn't want to chance problems with display once installed) So I still have Redmond showing. All I actually want for now are: light purple or grey backgrounds and borders instead of the blue and more rounded edges. 2. On that same note how can I move the top horizontal menu down. Sorry am sure am being dense but have come over to OS after the dreaded Paypal and bug problems on Presta and just need my basics to get sellling quickly after the move and wasted time from Presta nightmare. Greatly appreciated
  3. Templates and Themes - Differences?

    Hello, this is my first day using oscommerce. Very powerful, works fine.. and i'm very excited to get my online store to work (as of now it's still only in my head) i am having difficulty understanding the difference between templates and themes... as technically these two have approximatly the same meaning. templates should be a totally new array of the website.. whereas themes are just some aesthetical changes? is this right?
  4. I am a novice with OsCommerce (3 days), have downloaded a theme "Carbon" and installed it in my catalog / ext / jquery / ui / folder. I have changed the "redmond" in catalog / includes /template_top.php to "carbon" but my site does not recognise the change. I have just noted that Carbon's version is 2.2 whilst I have installed 2.3.1 Can 2.3 recognise 2.2 themes?