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Found 3 results

  1. @Frankl and the communty has created a great example about APP. But this example does'nt have elements to create a page in front office. This tuto resolve this point. You will the base to develop you own page We want to create a new enhanced contact us page for example This example don't give you all the code about the admin, classes .... Just the necessary to create a catalog page Below you will find all the code to start correctly ? After you must complete the elements by your own code Note : In App you can : Create page In admin Create page in Shop Add content in Shop (header / content / footer) Add Hook inside a page (like action, save, delete, insert, update) Add module like order total, payment, shipping ... You can not : Create a boxe (I tried with no success) : use the default osc approach Create a header_tag : use the default osc approach Go back to our code ! Step one oscommerce.json add Shop Element Info&Contact will be your link to access via the catalog Sites\\Shop\\Pages\\Manager is the location about the files and process "routes": { "Admin": "Sites\\Admin\\Pages\\Home", "Shop": { "Info&Contact": "Sites\\Shop\\Pages\\Manager" } } Step 2 Create your directories Apps -Communication --Manager ---languages ----- english ------- Sites ---------Shop ----------Manager ---Sites -----Shop ------Pages -------Manager --------Actions ----------Contact --------templates Step 3 Now in directories languages/english/...../Manager create contact.txt add heading_title = Contact US Step 4 Now in directories Sites/Shop/Pages/Manager create a file Manager.php Add namespace OSC\Apps\Communication\Manager\Sites\Shop\Pages\Manager; use OSC\OM\Registry; use OSC\Apps\Communication\Manager\Manager as ManagerAPP; class Manager extends \OSC\OM\PagesAbstract { public $app; protected function init() { $OSCOM_Manager = new ManagerAPP(); Registry::set('ManagerAPP', $OSCOM_Manager); $this->app = Registry::get('Manager'); $this->app->loadDefinitions('Sites/Shop/main'); // not necessary } } Step 5 Now in directories Sites/Shop/Pages/Manager/Actions create a file Contact.php Add namespace OSC\Apps\Communication\Manager\Sites\Shop\Pages\Manager\Actions; use OSC\OM\OSCOM; use OSC\OM\Registry; use OSC\OM\HTML; class Contact extends \OSC\OM\PagesActionsAbstract { public function execute() { global $breadcrumb, $OSCOM_Manager; $OSCOM_Manager = Registry::get('Manager'); // display or not the page (admin action) if (!defined('OSC_APP_MANAGER_STATUS') || !in_array(OSC_APP_MANAGER_STATUS, [ '1', '0' ])) { return false; } $this->page->setFile('contact.php'); $this->page->data['action'] = 'Contact'; //language $OSCOM_Manager->loadDefinitions('Sites/Shop/Manager/contact'); $breadcrumb->add(OSCOM_Manager->getDef('navbar_title'), OSCOM_Manager->link('index.php', 'Info&Contact')); } } Step 6 Now in directories Sites/Shop/Pages/Manager/Actions/Contact create a file Process.php Add namespace OSC\Apps\Communication\Manager\Sites\Shop\Pages\Manager\Actions\Contact; use OSC\OM\Registry; class Process extends \OSC\OM\PagesActionsAbstract { public function execute() { $OSCOM_Manager = Registry::get('Manager'); ------- your code to manage the process about the form ----- // Redirect on other page $OSCOM_Manager->redirect('index.php', 'Info&Contact&Success'); } } Step 7 Now in directories Sites/Shop/Pages/Manager/templates create a file contact.php Add <?php use OSC\OM\OSCOM; use OSC\OM\Registry; use OSC\OM\HTML; ?> <div class="page-header"> <h1><?php echo $OSCOM_PageManager->getDef('heading_title'); ?></h1> </div> <?php echo HTML::form('contact', OSCOM::link('index.php', 'Info&Contact&Process'), 'post', 'enctype="multipart/form-data"', ['tokenize' => true]); ?> ---- you can continue with your code ---- Step 8 Now to access at your page : http://www.mysite/catalog/index.php?Info&Contact
  2. hello looking at the start for a responsive admin from gl walker. i liked the looks and feel of this responsive design for my webshop i also needed a multi store admin. the result is multi store responsive shop and admin with more than 120 addons along with gl walkers design i also mixed in some elements from TSIMI and Gergely bs admin Addons are to name a few : - seperate prices per customer groups ( plus all addons ) SPPC - html emails for new customer, orders etc - multi store but can be used as single shop of cource - content modules for index, product info, contact us etc - option type for products - SEO urls - Headertags - JAVA ans CSS can loaded from own site or from a CDJNS - add new order - Supertracker etc i am now at a point that i am a little developer blind. so a fresh pair of eyes should be helpful All code is from 2.3.4 and 2.3.4. gold. All addons are based on 2.3.4 the files can be found at https://github.com/nieuw1409/admin_responsive thanks to everybody who made the original addons without them i never could put this together greeting eric
  3. I will be having downloads only (no shipping/postage) and I have downloaded the Super Download Store. What I want to know is: does the SDStore go in the same folder/directory as the oscommerce 2.2.? I'm sure there will be more questions so thanks for looking and a double thanks of you can advise me!! Steve