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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, The following. My osCommerce store needs to be closed and redirected to a new store on a new domain. What is the best way to close the store for searchengines and redirect the store to the new domain so SEO will be kept intact? I still need to be able to enter the backend of the old osCommerce store on the old domain. The new store is a newer setup so it won't be a copy of the old store (so i think urls won't be an exact copy). All products will be migrated to the new store. Hope for some answers.
  2. Tsimi

    Shop redirect, htaccess

    What should go into my htaccess file if I need to have the following redirects. 1. From example.com to https:// www.example.com/store/ (added space after // to prevent showing it as URL link) and 2. From www.example.com to https:// www.example.com/store/ (added space after // to prevent showing it as URL link) and 3. force SSL on the whole store. I think #3 can be done by adding https on HTTP_SERVER and HTTPS_SERVER inside the configure.php file.
  3. It seems this has not been addressed yet. At least I didn't find anything about. These 2 pages have been removed in BS Community EDGE: - popup_image.php - product_reviews_info.php For stores which are updated from previous versions to BS, the following rewrite rules should be therefore added to your root .htaccess: RewriteRule ^(.*?)popup_image.php?$ product_info.php$2 [R=301,L] RewriteRule ^(.*?)product_reviews_info.php?$ product_info.php$2 [R=301,L] If you are using any SEO URL rewrite rules, place these 2 lines before the SEO URL rules. But below: RewriteEngine On # RewriteBase instructions # Change RewriteBase dependent on how your shop is accessed as below. # http://www.mysite.com = RewriteBase / # http://www.mysite.com/catalog/ = RewriteBase /catalog/ # http://www.mysite.com/catalog/shop/ = RewriteBase /catalog/shop/ # Change the following line using the instructions above RewriteBase / or add them if you do not have them yet in your .htaccess
  4. Tsimi

    PayPal Express redirect issue.

    I was testing the PP Express module in sandbox mode on my local server. The checkout process works well and payment can be made. Order gets registered all is fine. Except for some small issue with the redirect. After I payed at PayPal with a domestic address/account I get redirected to the checkout_confirmation page. After I payed at PayPal with a "international" address/account I get redirected directly to the checkout_success.php I find it kinda weird that depending on address/account the redirect is different. Any clues as to why that happens? Running PayPal Express v3.1 Running osC 2.3.4 BS
  5. Hi I install a Mod paypal express checkout in OSC 2.3.1 , my site and the language in mod it's in english, when click in checkout buttom redirect a paypal.com but in germany!! I hate this.. have a few hours and don't understand why?ยก?? You can help me? Regards!
  6. cheetwood

    WorldPay not redirecting to site

    Hi I've read a zillion posts on this but unfortunately can't find one that resolves my issue. Have the latest addon (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7151) and the debugger seems to show there are no errors. The callback occurs, but WorldPay do not receive anything back from junior_callback.php. The following condition is not being met in line 78: if ($order['orders_status'] == MODULE_PAYMENT_WORLDPAY_JUNIOR_PREPARE_ORDER_STATUS_ID) (result is 1 == 106) I am a php rookie so I've impressed myself by getting this far. any clues as to where i go from here? Thanks