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Found 1 result

  1. My current set-up: 2.3.4 BS Edge, PHP 7.2, MVS While working on creating a printable PDF Vendor Purchase Order (something osC must have, but does not), I came across an issue where product options do not reflect additional vendor cost. So, in admin/products_attributes.php you can add options and related retail cost per product, but when it comes to accounting for the additional vendor-related product costs for each selected option, there is nothing. There are several things to consider here. Some vendors have different item and/or model numbers for each product depending on additional options it contains. osC has one model number per product and additional options you can charge extra for. So, one way to resolve this would be to have the selected options dropdown option automatically change the product model number on the product_info.php page. To do this, there needs to be a modification made to the admin/categories.php page for each new product. One that pairs the option permutations available to each model number and vendor item number per product. Another way would be to add two more columns to the admin/products_attributes.php page Product Attributes table, next to that Value Price column. One column would allow to record the cost of the related added option, and another would be a dropdown to select the related vendor and/or change in item number. That would also have to be reflected via the vendor order email, PO, and the store’s accounting. This is challenging because different vendors use different ways for product inventory accounting and a retailer (such as an osC store) would be somewhat dependent on such an inventory accounting structure. I could not find any info or related addons to resolve this issue. And, I’d like to hear from anyone who found a solution or could help develop one.