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Found 1 result

  1. Product Info page contact us This is the support thread for Product Info page contact us addon. Any issues post here. A simple product_info addon it gives your customer the ability to contact you directly from the product info page. You have 2 options by installing one of 2 files. tpl_cm_jcm_product_info_contact_us_modal.php tpl_cm_jcm_product_info_contact_us_modal.stock-contact form The first is a fully new contact us modal. However it has an issue when product attributes are turned on. It will work but it adds a comment to your error log. This has something to do with the way forms are used on product info page which I have not been able to pin down! It still works but it up to you to decide to use it. The second ( you will need to rename the file .php) Is still a modal but used the current stock contact us page by opening a new window. You still have all the other options. Both have a call now button option which uses my call button as default, if you have your own then just edit this line in tpl_cm_jcm_product_info_contact_us_modal.php around line 40. Just replace “MODULE_NAVBAR_JCPHONE_PUBLIC_TEXT” with your button. Oh and as the instructions say just remove the // to get button to be visible. This is also where you can change the text that appears in modal header. <!---------------------simply remove the // below if you need phone button, remember to change text------------------> <h4 class="modal-title">Contact us by eamil. Or you can call us now &nbsp &nbsp<?php //echo MODULE_NAVBAR_JCPHONE_PUBLIC_TEXT; ?></h4></div> Next open handler.php and edit line 24 $pp->sendEmailTo('info@tbyb.co.uk'); // ← Your email here ... and put your email in place of the test site. Next, A basic GDPR statement is provided as a boiler plate you can edit this to your requirements. Make sure to replace all red stuff **business name** with your own details. Just edit as required from line 120 in, tpl_cm_jcm_product_info_contact_us_modal.php <!-- Place your GDPR text below this--> At *Your business name* we understand that we have a responsibility to protect and respect your privacy and look after your personal data.<br> This Privacy Notice, inclusive of our General Terms of Service, explains what personal data we collect, how we use your personal data, reasons we may need to disclose your personal data to others and how we store your personal data securely.<br> GDPRData Protection law will take effect on 25 May 2018<br> This Privacy Notice sets out your rights under the new laws.<br> <br> Again totally standalone with no core code change. Once you have copied all the files over go into admin/Content /Modules and install “JcM Product Info Contact us Modal “ and turn it on. That’s it your done.