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Found 78 results

  1. I installed an osCommerce Online Merchant store and have been using it since 2006. I recently decided to add PayPal to the store which has been upgraded to v2.3.4. After completing the installation including the Legacy Changes required for v2.3.4, I loaded the Administration Tool which looked the same. According to the documentation, a new PayPal navigation menu box was supposed to show and configure itself. This menu box didn't appear, and no configuration changes took place. I checked the database using phpMyAdmin 2.7.0-pl1 which runs MySQL 5.0.95 on my localhost. I saw no additional files. What might have I missed? I restored and did everything over from scratch. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I have noticed recently that an increasing number of customers are not having their name recorded when either logging in with paypal or checking out using paypal express. The name is captured in the Shipping Address and Billing Address but not under the Customer Address. Has something changed recently ? Im using 2.3.4 with the latest version of the paypal app and paypal express. attached is a screenshot showing the blanks from today and part of yesterday. Any ideas? Many thanks
  3. Hello from Germany, we use PayPal Standard. In our Paypal account we cant see a transaction_subject. So we add the line in the function process button: 'transaction_subject' => $customer_id, But there is still no subject on the Transaction search. Do you see a subject in your accounts? Or ist the variable dead? Greetings PS: Sorry for my bad english-
  4. the IP logging works with bank deposit, money order, credit card. but not when paypal standard is used? so i guess during checkout something is different with papal, that needs the IP logger module code added to? (i checked the SQL the data is not pulled in when paypal is used, but it is with the order) does anyone know where to look? thanks https://apps.oscommerce.com/eca6c&order-ip-recorder-v1-0
  5. how to allow a paypal method over a certain amount. Hi, thank you for your support in advance. I'm looking for a way to activate paypal that only shows the option when they buy a certain amount. For example: if the customer buys less than $ 100, the paypal option does not appear or if he buys a larger amount at $ 300, the PayPal option appears. I use version 2.3.4 I thank their support since I can not find the form. regards Michael
  6. Hello, I installed a fresh the (latest bs-) oscommerce and configured Paypal. Everything is working (order is processed, order status set, email send) but Paypal returns to an empty cart. Of course I added PDT, set checkout_process in the return url (Indeed, if the PDT is not entered into the configuration, the checkout_process doesn't load at all with an error). I have no idea how to proceed. the only way the checkout confirmation.php is shown is when changing checkout_process.php; // if there is nothing in the customers cart, redirect them to the shopping cart page if ($cart->count_contents() < 1) { // tep_redirect(tep_href_link('shopping_cart.php')); } tep_redirect(tep_href_link('checkout_success.php')); } But this should not be the right way. It seems that the cart is emptied somewhere and then forwarding the user to the empty cart. Any hints? Thank you!
  7. Can't configure PayPal due to TSL v1.2 error

    I'm using osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4 and am tring to install PayPal App v5.0.18. I've installed it, but I'm getting errors when I try to configure it for the PayPal Sandbox so that I can start testing it. I've successfully used the Retrieve Sandbox Credentials button to set up the configuration, but when I click the Test Connection button (under Configure), I get the following error report: cURL Version: 7.55.1 cURL SSL Version: OpenSSL/1.0.2k Default Setting: Failed TLS v1.2: Failed A connection to PayPal could not be made using TLS v1.2. Please consult with your hosting provider to upgrade the cURL version that is installed with your PHP web server to support TLS v1.2 connections. This must be performed by June 30, 2017 otherwise connections will continue to fail. I've contacted the site's costing company and they have transferred the site to a server that has the cURL version compatable with TLS v1.2. When this still didn't resolve the problem, they have confirmed that it is running on the correct server and advised that I contact osCommerce for further assistance. Can anyone suggest other actions to try? Many thanks Colin
  8. PayPal Checkout Process not completing

    I am running the PayPal app v.5.010 on osC 2.3.4 in Sandbox mode using PayPal Payments Standard. The payment process proceeds smoothly, and when PayPal returns to osC it shows checkout success. The problem is no confirming emails are sent. I have planted “die” commands at various points in the checkout_process.php code and it appears that that the processing leaves checkout_process when it instantiates the payment class, never to return (about line 47). I have set the PayPal Auto Return parameter to both checkout_process and checkout_success and get the same result – no confirmations. It looks lie there are over 100 lines of code that never see the light of day. How do I fix this?
  9. Something new from Paypal Paypal Precision Marketing More to follow...but it sounds like; Insights on your customers Automatic basket reminders and more...
  10. Paypal duplicate orders

    I'm getting duplicate orders on almost every paypal order lately. I'm getting paid twice too. Most people aren't aware it's happening, but I've had 4 in a row. For a while I was having orders fail, but now, two at a time. Anyone else have this problem?
  11. Hello, I have OSC 2.3 and everything works fine, but not Paypal. If someone makes an order, the customer can pay and I get an email that he has done so, but the order do not appear in the order list in the admin orders menu. I have the module Paypal Standard installed as the module in modules.
  12. Hello, I'm working on on OSC BS gold, I know that this issue has been raised in 2014 but still today I couldn't have found a solution. When checking out and choosing Paypal Express as payment option, the item amounts as well as shipping costs are shown correctly on the paypal website. On all our sales (B2C) 19% tax is applied. eg. products € 24,90 shipping € 4,90 total order amount is € 29,80 This is shown correctly within the oscommerce shop and on the paypal website. However, when checking my paypal (sandbox) customer side account, only € 29,02 and been paid for this transaction. For the products € 24,90 and for shipping € 4,12 which the later is a net amount without 19% tax. I have SPPC installed. On another shop OSC 2.3.4, the paypal express module works fine. Does anyone encountered this issue and have solved it? BR, John
  13. PayPal Sandbox

    Hi there, have just updated my PayPal app to the latest. All went well and live it all works no problem retrieves balance etc. I use PayPal Standard and Bootstrap My site uses SSL sitewide and is compatible with all PayPals new requirements. server TLS 1.2 etc. I have even run PayPals tests for the new requirements and passed them all. However when I use the Sandbox I get a blank page. Maybe I am using the sandbox incorrectly? Anyone have any ideas?
  14. PayPal Standard Return

    Can someone please put me out of my misery and explain how payments via PayPal Standard reach checkout_success. I am setting up a new 2.3.4BS Edge with the latest PayPal app. The first couple of runs returned to checkout_success. PayPal Standard payments, though successful, are now returning to an empty shopping_cart. Every time I check the scripts I (obviously wrongly) come to the conclusion that an empty shopping_cart is correct: PayPal returns to checkout_process - checkout_process @ line 46: $payment_modules = new payment($payment); function paypal_standard @ line 75: $this->pre_before_check(); function pre_before_check @ line 659: (may call $this->after_process(); if IPN already actioned) checkout_process (continues) @ line 81: $payment_modules->before_process(); function before_process @ line 801: $this->after_process(); function after_process clears cart, unregister variables, tep_redirect(tep_href_link('checkout_process.php', '', 'SSL')); checkout_process (restarts) @ line 22: if ($cart->count_contents() < 1) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link('shopping_cart.php')); } As far as I can see the only route to checkout_success is at the end of checkout_process which (intentionally?) is never reached, to get there another order would be created and email sent? Also, to confirm, the order_status_history table is updated with a status OSCOM_APP_PAYPAL_PS_PREPARE_ORDER_STATUS_ID by the return processing and by the IPN process (i.e. 2 entries intentionally). The table is only updated with the OSCOM_APP_PAYPAL_PS_ORDER_STATUS_ID by the return processing (i.e. never by the IPN).
  15. wen't through forums and help sites for days now, but can't get this issue fixed. after paying with paypal standard 3.2 customer gets a notification "transaction couldn't get verified." orders remain in shopping cart also. I installed the paypal app package and it seemed to work. but it messed up the orders.php with all the extra add-ons installed. I also deleted and reinstalled paypal standard, but nothing changed. seems to be pretty common problem at the moment
  16. I'm looking for recommendations as to whether to use PayPal Express or Standard, or both on my site. I have standard running for about 4 weeks and I see it's worth it. I'd love to hear opinions on this.
  17. Super Simple code: <a href="https://paypal.me/myaddress/<?= $order->info['currency'] . preg_replace("/[^0-9.,]/", '', $order->info['total']); ?>" target="_blank"><?= BUTTON_PAYPAL_ME; ?></a> Language dependencies: define('BUTTON_PAYPAL_ME', 'Pay with Paypal <i class="fa fa-paypal" aria-hidden="true"></i>'); Text email SS PP code: echo 'https://paypal.me/myaddress/' . $order['currency'] . $orders_total['ot_total']['value'] . ' (Pay with PayPal.me)'; myaddress= https://paypal.me/grab :D
  18. Hello all, I've just installed a templated version of osCommerce 2.3.4. THe template came from Theme forest its called TechnoStore. It differes from another "trial" version of OC 2.3.4 in that I need to install the Paypal App to get anything other than Paypal express which requires a buyer to firstly have an account with my store and then one with Paypal so I want a different paypal app. When I tried to 'install' the website standard payment module I get an error message. Writing to the developer of the template revealed PayPal is restricted in his home country and he was of no help other than to refer me to OC help. The first try at installing the addon prevented me from seeing the administration page when I logged on. I fixed that by doing a restore but I still need to get paypal website standard functional. I can't find anywhere in the help or documentation explaining how to install an addon. In this case app-paypal-5_000.zip. Could someone please explain to me how, after downloading this zip file to my desktop, I install it on a working version 2.3.4 site? I'll be grateful for any help. paypal-error.pdf
  19. Hi all, Yesterday I changed my server and everything works fine, customers are buying and also payment with paypal works fine, but on my error log I find: [Fri Jan 27 14:14:12.636776 2017] [fcgid:warn] [pid 9557:tid 140124086036224] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getApiResult() on null in /...../ext/modules/payment/paypal/pro_hosted_ipn.php on line 28 and in access_log - - [27/Jan/2017:14:14:12 +0100] "POST /ext/modules/payment/paypal/pro_hosted_ipn.php HTTP/1.0" 500 423 "-" "PayPal IPN ( https://www.paypal.com/ipn )" Someone can help me finding what's wrong?
  20. Hi all, some customers (except english payers) dont understand why should press confirm button on the last order page when PP Express used. Would it be a working solution if before the last stepwizard we dropp in a muted Payment step point? So Paypal Express will be unmuted as a step 3 if express payment will be selected. This solution could be work with another out stepping payment modules. Any thoughts?
  21. I have a strange problem happening. In using paypal on my site. when anyone adds a product to the cart and then uses pay with paypal the cart ADDS the 7% sales tax. Now it does this even though the person is NOT even logged in. It should only be collecting sales tax form people in our home state South Carolina, But it shows the 7% sales tax to anybody that chooses to check out with paypal. Now once they sign in to their paypal account... if they are NOT in South Carolina the 7% sales tax goes away as it should. BUT it never should have been there in the first place. Seen this error before, or got any clues how I can fix this? This is my site, it is a 2.3.4 site: http://www.ministryhelps.com/ Thanks Leon
  22. I have for some time been getting reports (intermittently) that Paypal tell my customer(s) that the invoice has already been paid and then that there is a problem with the merchant account. I have recently upgraded so it may be that historically ( years ago) that the order number has been used before. Is there a way to change the base order no so that it starts at say 30000? Thanks Allan
  23. MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EC_TEXT_PROCESS_ERROR I maintain a website that runs its store using osCommerce. The site was developed in 2007 and still uses the version of osCommerce that was then current. The site connects to PayPal WPP and Express Checkout using the modules contained in osc at the time. In the past couple of months, for no apparent reason, Express Checkout no longer works. Every time a user tries to use Express Checkout osc returns a “MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EC_TEXT_PROCESS_ERROR” message when the user tries to confirm the transaction. The sale is never consummated in osc. PayPal support says, “the initial SetEC call is going through and the buyer is being redirected to PayPal. The problem is when the module is supposed to do the DoEC call to complete the payment. Either the module is erroring out or there is some sort of connection issue. It is never reaching PayPal, so PayPal has no record of the attempt or an error.” My attempts to trace the transaction through osc have been futile. Where should I look to track down this problem? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Hi, On my development site which is 2.3.4 I have the paypal app installed and activated, although I have never added any live or sandbox credentials to it. During an upgrade to the site it has been seen that there are 100's of duplicate entries in the database. (actually around 1000) Could someone who is using the app please have a look at their database configuration table and check for duplicates of entries beginning with: OSCOM_APP_PAYPAL Many Thanks
  25. I version 2.3.3 installed. Using paypal websites payment standard. Just had an order come through that was not saved. Payment was made to paypal. Item sale was saved in database. Sale was not saved under customers name in database. Did not received confirmation email on sale. I am also using the same paypal account for another store that is version 2.2 rc2, (yes, I will upgrade soon) could this have anything to do with it? Thank you in advance.