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Found 1 result

  1. G'day All, I'd like to know if anyone else has noticed Pay Pal (specifically express checkout) can be a bit uneven with it's handling of shipping/billing addresses? On our website I have had a number of odd things happen, each one for a different order. Customer delivery address came through without the name (and order process email had nothing in the delivery address area). Delivery address once had "Please Select" in the space of the business name (that's the title of the drop-down on the Pay Pal site where the customer chooses their address!!!) State entry is missing in delivery address. Address chosen was not the one the customer chose for delivery. Customer name only missing from the delivery address in order process email (rest of address was there). Orders don't always have these issues and they don't always repeat with the next order either, it seems totally random. I have noticed that the state missing is something that also happens with eBay sales occasionally with Pay Pal express checkout, so I'm not sure this is a oscommerce issue. Has anyone out there experienced anything similar?