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Found 4 results

  1. Hello I have been having trouble with the discount module (ot_discount) and have been trying to resolved. Something i have noticed since trying to fix is now when you click on the order total under the module section of admin, you cant see the discount module, I click on 'install module' and the INSTALLED module is sitting in that list.. I dont know how else to explain it.. Have i deleted something? Any help would really be appreciated, as really dont know what i have done here, and without it people cant use discount codes. Thanks E
  2. Hello Everyone, I have been through a lot of forums trying to find a solution to this, and no one else seems to have the same issue I am. I have order total Discount Code v2.6 installed. Everything is working fine, except when you enter the code for a set price discount, if the customer is purchasing items that total less then the voucher it makes the total into a negative amount. ie. items equal : 62.20 discount: 100.00 vat amount: 10.37 total: -37.80 I have seen on some posts a mention of 'Allow negative order total?' but my version doesnt provide this option.. is this something i can add to my module? If so, any clues would be a massive help! Thanks guys!
  3. chrism78

    Order Total Error

    Hi, I'm a bit of a newbie and just dont know where to look to resolve a problem with the maths not working! I place one item in my cart with value £5.99 including vat - the shopping cart correctly shows the split but does not add the VAT to the order total. Sub-Total: £5.13 VAT: £0.86 Total: £5.13 If I add shipping, that DOES get added to the total, but the VAT still does not Sub-Total: £5.13 Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard (Delivery Weight : 1 package of 0.2 Kg's (Ships normally within 3 to 5 days)): £2.20 VAT: £0.86 Total: £7.33 Can anyone help? Plllleeeeeeeease?? :thumbsup:
  4. Hello, I am trying to find a discount module based on the real margin and the total order amount. I have installed margin report, I have also quantity price breaking but I would like to make or find a contribution that : - calculate the total margin of the customer basket (OK thanks to margin report) - and then with the order total adjust a discount amount in order to be sure to ever have a minimum margin For example the customer has choosen more than 1 product Case 1 : let say for example margin = 250€ and order total amount = 500 € + VAT 19% = 595€ I want to give a discount to the customer that let me have 30% margin on the total amount for Order total < 1000€ The addon must verify Order_total < 1000 € then ==> Calculate :Discount amount = Margin - (30% * Order_total) for this sample : = 250€ - (30%*595) = 71.50€ and perhaps round this amount to 70€ in order the customer can not calculate what happens behind. I would like to define the minimum margin I want for each values of order_total if order total <1000€ mimimum margin = 30% if order total <2000€ minimum margin = 25% If ...................<........minimum margin = x% and so on I have found so much discount addons but not this kind. I would like some help in order to make this contribution. Thanks!