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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, When i checkout the order but does not get any response it directly redirect to order page but order created with empty value. Sometime this issue is created in order table. all field are empty. i had lot of searching but i did not get any solution. Thanxs
  2. Please how do i solve this issue? MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows). Here are my codes: <?php if(isset($_POST['submit'])){ $product_title = $_POST['product_title']; $product_cat = $_POST['product_cat']; $cat = $_POST['$cat']; $product_price = $_POST['product_price']; $product_keywords = $_POST['product_keywords']; $product_desc = $_POST['product_desc ']; $product_img1 = $_FILES['product_img1']['name']; $product_img2 = $_FILES['product_img2']['name']; $product_img3 = $_FILES['product_img3']['name']; $temp_name1 = $_FILES['product_img1']['tmp_name']; $temp_name2 = $_FILES['product_img2']['tmp_name']; $temp_name3 = $_FILES['product_img3']['tmp_name']; move_uploaded_file($temp_name1, "product_images/$product_img1"); move_uploaded_file($temp_name2, "product_images/$product_img2"); move_uploaded_file($temp_name3, "product_images/$product_img3"); $insert_product = "INSERT INTO products (p_cat_id,cat_id,date,product_title,product_img1,product_img2,product_img3,product_price,product_keyword,product_desc) VALUES('$product_cat','$cat',NOW(),'$product_title', '$product_img1','$product_img2','$product_img3','$product_price','$product_keywords','$product_desc') "; $run_product = mysqli_query($connect,$insert_product); if($run_product){ echo "<script>alert('Product has been inserted successfully')</script>"; echo "<script>window.open('insert_product.php','_self)</script>"; } } ?> Please can sombody help me???
  3. I've been building some new interfaces on my shop, and have realized that I would like to use mysqli_fetch_all, so I added it into my database.php. It might be a useful function to have in osC. Just a proposal. function tep_db_fetch_all($db_query) { return mysqli_fetch_all($db_query, MYSQLI_ASSOC); }
  4. I am looking to create a google feed for my instance of osCommerce. However, I have the ultimate SEO URL's 5 installed on my 2.3.1 instance. How do I get the product URL's for each product at they are not stored in the database in the products table? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Native MySQL extension is slightly faster than the improved MySQLi extension, but the latest more stable and have more features. This addon simply replicate the default database function, so you don't have to worry that you need to edit many files. The installation process as easy as uploading a file (database_mysqli.php) and edit one line in application.top.php. As a bonus, this addon add new tep_db_multi_query function (see: mysqli.multi-query.php), so now you can make multi query in one call. Sample of using "tep_db_multi_query" can be found in the archive. Download it here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8168 Best, @zaenal