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Found 2 results

  1. On Dec 10th I started to see some errors from DoExpressCheckoutPaymentResponseDetails replying with error 10423 invalid data (item total is invalid). I do not see how all of a sudden some orders do not get processed while others do. Any thoughts? It is still happening from time to time. No changes to anything on my server or code....Paypal changes since then? I dont know...Spent 45 mins waiting for a human to answer without any luck. $this->code = 'paypal_wpp'; $this->codeTitle = 'PayPal Website Payments Pro'; $this->codeVersion = '0.9.1'; I even check the value of $order_info['PAYPAL_ORDER_TOTAL'] once the response is checked for success or failure and it is the correct amount. -Wes
  2. Hi, I would be appreciated if someone could help me. I've installed PayPal Express Checkout Module contribution: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5687 I have v2.2 RC2. The problem is during express checkout (without registration) Contributions works perfectly but not in every order. I have a flat rate for shipping 8.00 GBP. Here are sample orders of product A (1.20 GBP) and product B (3.62 GBP). (there are net prices in mysql database: shipping: 6.67 GBP, product A: 1.00 GBP, product B 3.02 GBP) orders: 1xA for 1.20 - PASSED 1xA for 1.20 with delivery 8.00 - ERROR (tested many times) 2xA for 1.20 with delivery 8.00 - PASSED 1xB for 3.62 with delivery 8.00 - PASSED 1xB for 3.62 - PASSED (cart -> paypal express -> login @ paypal -> redirect to shop -> confirm checkout button in shop -> ERROR) ERROR: TIMESTAMP: 2013-11-21T09:48:54Z ACK: FAILURE SHORTMESSAGE: INVALID DATA LONGMESSAGE: ITEM TOTAL IS INVALID. ERRORCODE: 10426 I have googled similar (?) situation: [LongMessage] => Shipping total is invalid. Found out that the shipping total was getting passed to Paypal with 4 decimal places... so I implemented the Php round routine to force the shipping costs to 2 decimal places. and also: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/369678-paypal-express-checkout-and-partial-quantities/ Is it possible that i have same problem? with decimal places? I dont know how which various is "ITEM TOTAL" in ppeb.php Thanks