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Found 2 results

  1. zipurman

    Product Counts

    Not sure if this will help anyone, as I am new to Phoenix and OSCommerce. I wanted to add product inventory counts and hide the add to cart button if zero. I couldnt find a solution after an hour of looking, so I write the following which works as needed. Hope this helps someone. Edit the file: includes/functions/html_output.php find the function "tep_draw_button" and go to the bottom of the function. right before "return $button;" add the following: $checkparams = explode( ' ', $params['params'] ); $newparams = array(); foreach ( $checkparams as $item ) { $newtest = explode( '=', $item ); $newparams[] = $newtest; } $finalparams = array(); foreach ( $newparams as $item ) { $item[0] = str_replace( '"', '', $item[0] ); $item[1] = str_replace( '"', '', $item[1] ); $finalparams["{$item[0]}"] = $item[1]; } if ( isset( $finalparams['data-in-stock'] ) ) { if ( empty( $finalparams['data-in-stock'] ) ) { $button = '<div style="color: red; display: inline-block; padding: 5px;">SOLD OUT</div>'; } else { $button .= '<br/>' . $finalparams['data-in-stock'] . ' In Stock'; } }
  2. Jeffrmarks

    EZ Quickbooks

    Trying to install the EZ Quickbooks module, and having a terrible time. I'm fairly decent at debugging issues, but when I try to import the inventory file, I am getting a HTTP 500 error message, which really doesn't tell me much about how to fix it. The import screen is available. The import button is visible, and when I click on that button, it goes to the HTTP 500 message. The documentation is not the best for this module, and I was wondering if anyone had experience with this module and might point the way in how to fix that error. Thanks Jeff