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Found 5 results

  1. Dear OSCommerce Forum Members, I know some of you will hate me asking this, but I am a website designer, but not a developer and I am hosting a friends website and have done what Jack_mcs stated here: My problem is, their database is not working and all I have right now is the basic shop scripts DB? I just do not know how to get the DB of theirs to be able to get read, so that their website shows all their products, customers etc. By the way I contacted both companies on your "Partners" page and neither got back to me, not good? Many thanks for any advice given and all the best to you all. Stephen Smith.
  2. New Installation

    I am currently using version 1.280 ! Yes I know it is old 2003 ! I have created a sub domain in my hosting and i have installed version I wouldn't say i am a developer but i am seeing how far i can get without calling one in ! Do i need to create a new database ? Its asking for Database server, username and password and database name. so could someone spoon feed me and just tell me if i need to create a new database or should i enter my current database that is attached to my main domain ? This is probably really simple so hope someone can help ! Thanks
  3. Hi there, Can anyone help me to automate the installation process through command line? I want to automate the installation process with 1 command, could be php or curl by passing data required in manual installation pages. I didn't find a way to do it.
  4. Yes I am new at this. I am trying to install the MultiGeoZone MultiTable shipping module. I have to set up 4 shipping tables for four different geographic zones. I was directed to try the MultiGeoZone MultiTable module. I have the module, but I am having an issue installing the module. The steps are a follows: 1. Copy files from `catalog` to your osCommerce installation. 2. Import SQL file `_install_sql/INSTALL_v1.000.sql` to your DB. 3. Setup Pre-configuration from Admin -> Configuration -> MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping 4. Setup shipping Geo Zones (see "SETTING UP GEOZONES" section of the README file) 5. Install & setup module from Admin -> Modules -> Shipping -> MultiGeoZone MultiTable I have done step one and I think I understand (in theory at least) steps 3, 4 and 5. When it comes to step 2 - I believe I understand the theory (that it will give the Admin -> Configuration the ability to handle geozones). But I don't know how to DO step 2. I don't know what DB they are talking about. I don't know where this DB is. Finally, I don't know how to import the SQL file "INSTALL_v1.000.sql" to the DB. Any and all help would be most welcome. Thank you David
  5. Hi, guys, I am new to add-ons, and may have a stupid question: how to install add-ons? For example, I downloaded the "Google XML Sitemap Feed", which is a php file, but to where will I suppose to copy this file to? Thanks in advance.