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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have tested a large number of different shop software in the last few months to find the one that has the most advanced import feature for products and images because I want to automate product creation and management as much as possible through the use of CSV files. I find it quite astonishing that most agencies seem to see this as a one-off task just for migrating between different shop systems or the inital setup and then never touch it again. In every forum there are threads discussing that the import modules freeze when importing large amounts of images, etc. and I wonder why no one seems to have tackled this and created a more permanent solution. May I ask what number of products you are managing with osCommerce and what solution do you use to manage them? I want to import 100k products with at least double the amount of images, because most products have 2 or more images. With other shop software I tried it takes about 30 minutes to import 500 products and images. Would this be about the same for osCommerce? How are the images saved in osCommerce? For such a large of number of images they should be splitted into different subfolders, to allow easier management and I saw there is already a plugin for that, although it hasn't been updated in a while. Is easy csv import by milkman45 the best import plugin for osCommerce or are there any other solutions? Thanks and have a great day!
  2. Jeffrmarks

    EZ Quickbooks

    Trying to install the EZ Quickbooks module, and having a terrible time. I'm fairly decent at debugging issues, but when I try to import the inventory file, I am getting a HTTP 500 error message, which really doesn't tell me much about how to fix it. The import screen is available. The import button is visible, and when I click on that button, it goes to the HTTP 500 message. The documentation is not the best for this module, and I was wondering if anyone had experience with this module and might point the way in how to fix that error. Thanks Jeff
  3. :fire:Grrrrrr......!!! HELP PLEASE!!!! I have downloaded and installed easy .csv file and installed and read the .text on how to add .csv, but now what? I have been looking for answers for weeks without a solution!! I have received 'I have downloaded .csv but now what? I have been looking for weeks!! NO Help from the people who should be able to help me!!! So, I hope someone can help me bc i just want to add my products to my store in .csv files. Please HELP! :pray: :pray: Sincerely, Kristalee README.txt .csv easy import.txt
  4. Gyakutsuki

    Mapping import

    This is the first release of of mapping importation in oscommerce. He is very easily to instal and if you want for example to import a prestashop database inside oscommerce, it's possible. This topic is created to improve this module. you can find this module here if you want to test Note : you must becarefull with the language id, for the moment the language id must be the same oscommerce database and the import files. this add on is available here : http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8660
  5. Guldstrand

    CSV import for v2.3.1?

    Can anyone please recommend an working addon for CSV import, which is adapted to v2.3.1?