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Found 2 results

  1. I tried few zoom addons on 234.1 Edge (BS) version with KissIT Thumbnails, none of the zoom can works. (Did try the QTPro product_info.php which has a bit of 231 version code, and still no zoom effect) Found the boostrap zoom javascript online, and want to apply to product_info.php but no idea how the product image and thumbnails image code is defined in BS version. Google and found few fourms mentioned about includes/modules/header_tags/ is the place to go. I guess 2 files related to the product_info.php includes/modules/header_tags/ht_product_colorbox.php includes/modules/header_tags/ht_product_opengraph.php Can you expert guys please help me to learn how to make this zoom script to work? So far catalog/includes/template_top.php I have declared these <link href="..." rel="stylesheet"> <script src="...></script> Please find the html page source code to get a picture of what I am trying to describe: <h1>Click and Zoom</h1><!-- can comment this out --> <div class="Lens-gallery-container" id="demo-2"> <div class="Lens-container"> <div class="Lens-big-image-container"> <a class="Lens-lens-image" data-lens-image="images/samsung/galaxy_tab_1.jpg"> <img src="images/samsung/galaxy_tab_1.jpg" class="Lens-big-image"> </a> </div> </div> <div class="Lens-thumbnails-container"> <!-- # is target for linking to product_info.php --> <a href="#" class="Lens-thumbnail-wrapper" data-lens-image="images/samsung/large/galaxy_tab_2.jpg" data-big-image="images/samsung/medium/galaxy_tab_2.jpg"> <img src="images/samsung/thumbnail/galaxy_tab_1.2pg"> </a> <a href="#" class="Lens-thumbnail-wrapper" data-lens-image="images/samsung/large/galaxy_tab_3.jpg" data-big-image="images/samsung/medium/galaxy_tab_3.jpg"> <img src="images/samsung/thumbnail/galaxy_tab_1.3pg"> </a> <a href="#" class="Lens-thumbnail-wrapper" data-lens-image="images/samsung/large/galaxy_tab_4.jpg" data-big-image="images/samsung/medium/galaxy_tab_4.jpg"> <img src="images/samsung/thumbnail/galaxy_tab_1.4pg"> </a> </div> </div> It has a seperate gallery script and a zoom lens script. It is optional to use the gallery script as osC BS already have the product photo gallery built in. Original code has large images, medium images and thumbnails images, ideally, I like to put the images under the manufacturer folder, for example saumsung. (catalog/images/samsung/) and inside that folder, has these seperate image size folders, eg. catalog/images/samsung/large/ catalog/images/samsung/medium/ catalog/images/samsung/thumbnail/ or catalog/images/samsung/1000x1000/ catalog/images/samsung/250x250/ catalog/images/samsung/75x75/ with the KissIT Image Thumbnails/ in admin/configuration/images/ that default set as catalog/images/thumbs/ and the thumbnail images will automatically save into different size, eg. catalog/images/thumbs/100_57/ catalog/images/thumbs/640_480/ catalog/images/thumbs/100_80/ catalog/images/thumbs/83_83/ and the admin side thumbnails also saved here??? I also have image sub-directory installed so that I can assign the image folder location when I insert the image. =========== Question-1: =========== In which file and what part of the code that I need to add the <script> $(document).ready(function(){ . . . }); </script> =========== Question-2: =========== How can I organize the image size into the right folder location for this zoom script work? Thanks. Lyn
  2. Hi! I would like a small image when the cusomer looks at the product description, and then a larger image when they click the image. How will I get it to work this way? As it is now, I need to adjust all image sizes so that they are not to big in the description, but then they won't get bigger in the pop up either... Good help would be appriciated:) Lina