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Found 3 results

  1. Just installed Order Total Module on responsive oscommerce running php7.1 and mysql5.7 and got everything running except that only the discount coupon was available in the right hand box of admin ->modules->order total. The gift voucher module is not available ... has any anyone encountered the same problem? Ollie
  2. My gift voucher works fine, as long as you do not add another product to the shopping cart. - I have downloads enabled, - The Gift Voucher Module Include Shipping option is set to false, - The shipping weight is 0, - There is nothing in the measurement field of the product... When you add it to the cart and checkout, it goes straight to the payment page, which is perfect. If you add a regular product to the cart and press checkout, you are supposed to go to the shipping page, which it also does fine. What is wrong is that there is a shipping charge added to the gift certificate and it also comes out high, like $11.86. The problem only happens if someone has another product in the cart with the certificate. This problem also raises the shipping cost of the other products to $11 too. What could be wrong? Someone wanted to buy a $100 gift card, but the shipping cost stopped them. How can I keep the shipping cost off if it has to go to the shipping page? I can understand PHP and HTML etc, just need to figure out how to fix asap, if possible. Thanks
  3. I cannot figure out what is wrong with my Coupons/Gift Voucher Addon 1. The Coupon side works. It is fine. 2. The Gift Voucher. I am able to mail the vouchers to customers and redeem it. But HOW do you create one as a product in the store? The Product Model GIFT100 or GIFT50 does not work for me. 3. We tried a second way. We have a vendors section in our admin, so we added ourselves as a vendor. When someone purchases the gift voucher in the store, we are emailed about the order. We can then email the voucher and they can redeem it. BUT there is no way to see (other than in the email) if the voucher is there, how much is on it, or how much is left. 4. And even if that part worked, when entering the voucher into the Coupon/Gift Voucher section of checkout_payment.php page, the customer is notified that the coupon was applied. (I know how to change it to say things properly). BUT there is no indication on the totaling list that the voucher is applied and how much is left. 5. In the Gift Voucher FAQ it is said that there is a Gift Voucher account for everyone. Where is this!? This would be very helpful for everyone! 6. Sending a voucher as a gift to another customer has failed because i get the error saying "Error! Unable to determine the page link!"and no send button... What?! Someone please help me figure out what I have done wrong! I installed it in the Modules --> Order Total --> Gift Voucher area, which seems sensible.