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Found 9 results

  1. Has anyone seen a tutorial published anywhere with a guide to changing the box colours and footer background etc in the bootstrap version of oscommerce? I'm happy with the layout, I just want to change the colours to suit my theme and to fit with the logo better but I have zero knowledge of css. With bootstrap oscommerce being so popular now I thought there'd be a page about it somewhere but I've had no luck finding one. Oooh, also the blue around the welcome text, how to change that as well.
  2. This addon minifies the shops css file. If multiple files are selected, it will combine them all into one file. This can reduce the time it takes for the shop to load. Depending upon the size of the css file and how many there are, the page load speed can be reduced by several seconds. It works in any oscommerce shop. For the 2.3.4 shops (both official and Responsive versions), the installation just involves uploading files. For older shops, one change may be needed.
  3. Hi, https://gtmetrix.com/ advises to combine all .css files into one. Then I found that: https://manas.tungare.name/software/css-compression-in-php/ leading me there https://gist.github.com/manastungare/2625128 and then this came out <?php $cssFiles = array( "ext/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css", "custom.css", "user.css" ); /** * Ideally, you wouldn't need to change any code beyond this point. */ $buffer = ""; foreach ($cssFiles as $cssFile) { $buffer .= file_get_contents($cssFile); } // Remove comments $buffer = preg_replace('!/\*[^*]*\*+([^/][^*]*\*+)*/!', '', $buffer); // Remove space after colons //$buffer = str_replace(': ', ':', $buffer); // Remove whitespace //$buffer = str_replace(array("\r\n", "\r", "\n", "\t"), '', $buffer); // Collapse adjacent spaces into a single space //$buffer = ereg_replace(" {2,}", ' ',$buffer); $buffer = preg_replace('/[\t\r\n]+/', '', $buffer); $buffer = preg_replace('/[\s]{2,}/', ' ', $buffer); $buffer = str_replace(': ', ':', $buffer); // Remove spaces that might still be left where we know they aren't needed $buffer = str_replace(array('} '), '}', $buffer); $buffer = str_replace(array('{ '), '{', $buffer); $buffer = str_replace(array('; '), ';', $buffer); $buffer = str_replace(array(', '), ',', $buffer); $buffer = str_replace(array(' }'), '}', $buffer); $buffer = str_replace(array(' {'), '{', $buffer); $buffer = str_replace(array(' ;'), ';', $buffer); $buffer = str_replace(array(' ,'), ',', $buffer); // Enable GZip encoding. ob_start("ob_gzhandler"); // Enable caching header('Cache-Control: public'); // Expire in one day header('Expires: ' . gmdate('D, d M Y H:i:s', time() + 86400) . ' GMT'); // Set the correct MIME type, because Apache won't set it for us header("Content-type: text/css"); // Write everything out echo($buffer); ?> Saved as css_compress.php loaded up to catalog root and included into template_top.php with <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen, print, projection" href="css_compress.php" /> instead of the single css files, only problem is now that glyphicon fonts (which i will get rid of anyway) gives 404. Another question would be how to get css files of addons into that array also. Any thoughts ideas? Best regards Christoph
  4. Some reason we should go forward. @@GLWalker and @@burt started BS community adaptations, but would be great some structure work. GLWalker started a github repo but need some update converge to the latest BS and add to common platform. By my opinion the admin site should be table based with BS. Starting point could be http://wenzhixin.net.cn/p/bootstrap-table/docs/examples.html Any thoughts?
  5. After I posted it in another thread I was advised to start my own thread. So here it is: Let me start with I am a noob and no-no in scripting, programming etc. With the "old" oscommerce website I learned how to use the stylesheet to alter my website. Now I needed to change the website and thought I better use the bootstrap version; easier to alter according many.. I guess it is the complete lack of knowledge about the bootstrap philosophy, because I have a hard time to find the files I need to use to copy the specific style I want to change. I read about the tip to use the developer tool in firefox. This made it already a lot easier, but now I have a challenge (not a problem) which I was not able to overcome: I know I have to make my personal adjustments in the user.css file.. But ofcourse you need to know what to use, so I use the developer tools in firefox to see what I need to copy to the user.css file... I changed the panel header and font colors in the user.css and this works, but it does not work for the panel titles that are a link e.g: REVIEWS or SHOPPING CART. According to the developer tool the color of the link text (<a ref=...>) is done by the scaffolding.less file on line 58, but I have not yet found the scaffolding.less file ( the link which is shown is /catalog/ext/bootstrap/css/less/scaffolding.less .. well there is no map LESS in the CSS map.. and even copy/ paste the style element to the user.css file does not work in my case at least. First of all I hope I posted this in the correct thread, second I hope someone can help me with this and point me in the right direction. Below I copied the result of the developer tool when use 'inspect element' the panel title REVIEW Between the brackets is the link which is shown on the right hand side in the developer tool element { (inline ) --> meaning this defined on the page itself, but there is nothing. } a:focus { (bootstrap.css:1101) --> this is defined on line 1101 in bootstrap.css outline: thin dotted; outline: 5px auto -webkit-focus-ring-color; outline-offset: -2px; } a:focus, a:hover { (scaffolding.less:58) --> this is the colour which is used on the website color: #23527c; text-decoration: underline; } a { color: #337ab7; text-decoration: none; } a { background-color: transparent; }
  6. Hello all, I'm in the process of upgrading a regular osCommerce store to bootstrap, following a new website design also. My issue is, my header and footer included files have random, seemingly unexplainable size differences and blank spaces. You can see what I mean here: http://s4sales.co.uk/index.php - this is the regular working website. http://s4sales.co.uk/catalog/index.php - and of course this is the shop section, the differences are fairly obvious. I've un-linked the boostrap css file and the header and footer have both displayed normally, yet I want to keep the majority of the bootstrap classes as their scale-functionality works perfectly fine without alteration, so starting from-scratch isn't a feasible option. The only changes to the base bootstrap store I've made are in the includes/template files. I have: Linked my 3 stylesheets in template_top below the regular bootstrap files to stop an over-lapping styles Swapped <div id="bodyWrapper" class="<?php echo BOOTSTRAP_CONTAINER; ?>"> in template_top to my own container used with the rest of the website Included my header file in template_top right after the <body> tag Included my footer file in template_bottom directly above <?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'footer.php'); ?> which I also commented out In addition to this, I have also commented the container class and header and paragraph tags in the bootstrap.css and bootstrap.min.css files to extra-stop over-lapping. If anyone can lend a hand to my issue I'd appreciate it greatly :) Thanks, Will
  7. This there away to get superfish menu in to a box, currently i have got it running in my header.php i have messed around for days searched the web and know one can answer the question. i modifided this project to run with osc 2.3.3 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8127 it just uses a require(DIR_WS_MODULE 'cat_navbar.php'); and just a few quick scripting in header.php with added files and css.. has any one figured out how to do this any help would be nice...
  8. I would like to have my manufacturers and categories descriptions take up a certain space and have a see more / see less link like is done on this website http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/317943/a-visual-guide-to-drink-by-ben-gibson-patrick-mulligan/ Looking at the code I can see this is part of a View.Utils package probably within WP (theme ?) I understand a background image is used for the transparency effect, but what else is needed to make this work ? Is there any script like this floating about on the internet that could be integrated into oscommerce ?
  9. in the navigation i have this dots in LI elements ,but i turned it of in css ,and it doesnt show on other pages ,and this arrow ,its proprably start tag of element but there is no in source code ...(sorry for my english)