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Found 2 results

  1. I have an old version of osCommerce (2.3.4) I'm going through the process of getting familiar with the CE version of osCommerce (the Bootstrap 4 version). Overall, I'm trying to find the best way to customize things without touching the core...too much. Let's say I wanted to do a few simple things: - Add an ad banner or two to the home/index.php page - Add a custom div to the product_info page Would a module or a hook even be appropriate for setting these up? I guess, I'm not sure as to when I should use either a hook or module. I could be wrong but creating a module for this seems like way too much work. However, looking at the hook system, this looks like it would be simpler. Am I wrong in that assumption?
  2. Dnj1964

    Community Rift

    About 15 years I happened upon oscommerce and started using it, that was way before a Milestone version was even thought of. It was at times frustrating as the updates were sometimes 2 a week and any add-on was pages and pages of code changes. It was great as the community behind it made it great! Came back to oscommerce in December 2018 after all those years.... Logged into oscommerce and downloaded the official version. Started looking at add-ons some were labelled CE, some BS, some, some Edge, some Frozen. After configuring the official and realizing that support was almost dead for that version, and then configuring and re-configuring a few times finally settled on EDGE: Gold + Extra Commits such as bugfixes: Seemed to most supported and an active community following behind it. Which leads to thee reasoning for this post. A lot had changed since the pre-milestone which back then relied a lot on html to make changes which was easy. Fast forward to the era of standalone add-ons and it is easy to be lost when you haven't looked at code in over 10 years. A lot of the add-ons I found were from JcMagpie I installed the add-ons, chopped them up to what I wanted with tons of errors and posted in the forums for help in fixing what I broke... JcMagpie not only responded but helped fix the code, supplied new code. Made suggestions of things to make the layout more appealing, and add-in codes for errors. So yesterday while fighting unsuccessfully to update the code in an old Canada Post shipping add-on I ran across an issue with a previous add-on and posted the issue and got back a reply JcMagpie from that I would think sends a big negative blow to the community. Shortened version of a message from JcMagpie Maybe the community needs to rally behind him and support him the same way that he has helped so many people. I for one wouldn't have my site anywhere close to where it is without his help and support. Can't think or believe that I am the only one?