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Found 1 result

  1. I really wish I knew what was causing the issue and would appreciate any help you can provide. I have a completely stock OSC bootstrap with absolutely no mods or add-ons. I have right around 1000 products listed now and the issues seem to be getting far worse with time. Basically my site is so broken now that it is basically useless. UPDATE: I was able to remove the "navbar" module which is almost completely broken and replace it with the "buttons" module which at least enables the shopping cart to be accessed. www.wildvettes.com When the errors begin the home page url goes to www.wildvettes.com/# (this is the hover url action for the list and grid buttons) and when you click on any of the cart or account buttons on the "navbar" (currently disabled) then no drop-downs appear. If you use the breadcrumb to go back and forth between home and catalog it will eventually start working again until you click on a product and then it will almost certainly break again. (I actually just found out that the "sort" product by name and price option also breaks with "navbar" as well). They all seem to be connected to the same error. Using the sort button is a guaranteed break. The shopping cart has an issue that seems to relate to products having "attributes" that are added through the oscommerce admin panel under "product attributes". Others mentioned product attributes with {} could cause a problem but even products with just text have the same issues. The only special characters I have in any of the attributes are " / and (). When a product has attributes the item cannot be removed from the shopping cart using the red x remove button. It can only be removed by changing the quantity to 0 and refreshing it. Hover url looks like this "http://www.wildvettes.com/shopping_cart.php/products_id/617%7B2%7D83/action/remove_product" When you click the red x on these products it actually redirects to this url and then the red x doesn't even do that from that point forward. Also when any of these products with attributes are added to the cart if you click on the product or the picture instead of taking you back to the product's information page it redirects to the home page with the www.wildvettes.com/# url. Product example here. http://www.wildvettes.com/product_info.php/cPath/1_17_31/products_id/617 Example of a product that acts like normal in the cart without attributes. http://www.wildvettes.com/product_info.php/cPath/1_17_31/products_id/312 The highlight shows correct url on products without attributes when hovering but the highlight shows the %something after each product with attributes. I am assuming the %7B2%7D83 above relates to the individual attribute for the product. If I go to the url and manually remove the %7B2%7D83 it will display the proper cart message but doesn't actually remove the product with the attributes. I am assuming when you go to click on the product it attempts to load the 617%7B2%7D83 product but it doesn't exist so it directs back to the home page with #. The other thing that is occurring is when you get redirected to the home page as an error two things begin happening on the site and they seem to be directly related to each other and may have nothing to do with the shopping cart as I can replicate the problem without ever even using the shopping cart. The individual listings have popup pictures that no longer work. Instead of getting a hand over them they merely have a normal curser and they can be right clicked and opened on a separate page. WHEN this error occurs it coincides with the individual product listing categories "Grid/List" View buttons breaking. When the picture popups stop working the list and grid buttons merely redirect back to the home page with the url www.wildvettes.com/#. I can usually tell whether the photos are working before I click on listing because if it defaults to "list" view then everything is broken. If it defaults to "grid" then everything is working until it isn't. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to what causes the site to break and fix itself. I haven't been able to consistently reproduce the problem from certain listings. The one thing that does seem consistent is if you shop the store the photos popups will break and then you will not be able to switch from list to grid view until the site starts working properly again. The issue with the module "navbar" seems to directly coincide with the photo popup and grid/list issue leading me to believe they are all related. The shopping cart issue with the redirect and remove not working seem to be another individual issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am really frustrated by this issue.