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Found 1 result

  1. HedgewitchCrafts

    Tax Exemption Module for 2.3?

    I've recently upgraded from a very old v1 oscommerce store to 2.3 and for all intensive purposes it is working. While challenging to get my modes migrated over, I'm left with one additional mod that I don't have and cannot seem to locate. I'm looking for a tax exemption module for v2.3 that I can install and have a customer enter their company name, tax exempt (yes/no), Tax Exempt ID (text) and the Organization Type (drop down - configurable by Admin only). What this code previous provided is a new Customer Type where I could create the type of Organization and a discount type (e.g. NC Correctional Institutions - Government) and another "default" as "None". Where the later is what everyone is set as a default. So, the customer can enter what they are (user or company) and if they are tax exempt or not. The admin can update the types to specify different type of companies getting the tax exemptions to comply with US Laws. The invoice and checkout processes need to also print the tax id and not have taxes included when they are exempt. I think that is it, but I'm sure I missed something. :-) Thanks, Steve