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Found 3 results

  1. mikemanning

    SEO URLs in OS

    Hi all How do I go about enabling SEO URLs in Oscommerce Many Thanks
  2. i would like to know if anyone has one of the following two add-ons below up and "running" on a osC shop. if yes, which version works "without" getting any error messages? most of these version require additional add-ons to be installed which i don't need. or how do YOU edit your orders? any other tool available? order editor for osC 2.3 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7844 order editor http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1435 at this point i would like to say a few words regarding the two add-ons. the first link; suppose to run on a 2.3 osC shop. IT DOESN'T!!! the first download works if you have mindsparx admin which i don't need. the second link suppose to fix that but it doesn't. and the indian dude, well,.....no comment! the second link; the add-on area is ridiculous i have never seen so many crappy uploads for an add-on. (excuse my language) that area needs definetely cleaning. why in gods name are people not uploading "full packages"? and before you upload something make sure you take out your crappy custom codes from other add-ons! and don't code things so that people are forced to install other additional add-ons to make this one run, that is total bullshit (again excuse my language) after hours of trying and trying i'm frustrated and quite pissed off. i'll have a beer and cool down.....
  3. Hello community, I'm feeling rather dumb right now, I have several addons and module boxes installed in my left and right margins such as categories, a search box, company info and such -- I can't seem to change the order in which they appear through the normal method in the admin panel "Sort order of display. Lowest displayed first" seems like a very simple tooltip, I've numbered them 0 through 2 as I've got 3 boxes on each margin -- am I doing something dumb? http://i.imgur.com/nkj3FPk.png Hoping to move the Year Make Model contrib to the top, and on the right margin the search box on top