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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, first let's get this behind. YES, I know it needs updating. But that's not an short-term option, I *DO* plan to update. The situation is; I have a customer (I'm an ISP) that has been told his previous ISP is shutting his server down, with very little notice. I can see why the server needs to go, it's running a VERY OLD cPanel without updates and actually php 4! He has 15 days to move the site. The initially clone over to my servers of course has no chance in hell of working. Starting off with Global Register ON in his php 4 environment. No way is that happening here, but my it's not possible anyways as my earliest version of PHP is the latest 5.6.X. I've done a few hours of searching and reading, but figured I'd post to see what I'm missing. Is there a way first to get 2.2RC1 working with php5.6 and a how-to somewhere? I know what's basically needs to be done, I've just never worked with OsC (mostly Joomla, WP, Zencart) and if it's been done before I'd rather not spend hours figuring it out again. There are lots of custom columns in the tables and the front-end is basically not the standard cart (it's not really even a cart). OsC from what I can tell has been used as a back-end product DB with a front-end specific to customer needs. So I don't really need the front-end modified/updated, I'll fix in deprecated errors there. Once I get him working, I won't be on such a timeline crunch to get him to the latest version or migrate him to something else. If there are some posts/how-to can someone help me with that as well? Much Appreciate, Thank you all! -Robert