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Found 76 results

  1. Hello, I am an admin and the site owner would like a flate rate per item per country. That part is set up and working, now they would like to put a cap on the domestic shipping fee. This can be either a maximum $$ amount for domestic shipping or only charge shipping for the first 2 items. Currently I am using Per Country Per Item v1.1 for the shipping module. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4934/v,22 Does anyone have a suggestion for setting up a maximum shipping amount on one group (domestic)?
  2. Hiya, I am relatively new to all this but have got my site up and running. BUT - desperately want multi zone shipping so I can set weight prices for UK, then Europe, then world zone 1 and world zone 2. The problem is I have cleared the site before by accident having to start from scratch so really want talking through with baby steps as I am very nervous to change anything now its all working. can anyone help?
  3. acedave

    Multi Table Rate Modules

    I am trying to set up a shipping system of 4 Table Rates for shipping (they want to ship to USA as one table, BC as one table, Eastern Canada as one table and Western Canada as the last table). The tables are to be based on cost, not weight. I see this problem as three issues 1) I have to set up four Rate Table files. 2) I have to set up four geographic zones. The US zone is a country, the Eastern and Western Zones are a group of provinces and the BC zone is just one province. 3) I have to get the four Rate Tables to see and understand the zones. Unfortunately, I have a only a few clues on how to do this. Any help on this would be most welcome. Thank
  4. Hello, Maybe this is built-in or there is an easy fix (I hope so). In have received a request to have some items on the web store set up so they are not be able to be shipped, and the customer must come in to the store to purchase. I have to admit that I first thought why, but it seems that PetSmart has certain set up so they can only be bought in a store, but listed on the web store. See: http://www.petsmart.com/ and search on "can dog food" - all the canned dog foods have a listing on the website, but they can't be purchased on the website - the customer has to go to a store to purchase. Any ideas how to do this? Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a module or method for an OSC 2.3.1 store, that will allow me to define shipping in different bands depending on the order total. For example: £3.00 shipping for orders up to £10.00 £8.00 for orders up tp £20.00 Free Shipping for orders over £50.00 All orders would be within the UK and none abroad. I have looked around but can't seem to find any explanation of how to accurately define this. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks Hoogie!
  6. Hello I am working on a webshop where I am adding shipping prices. It works well, when I use the different domain names. In this case I add the shipping price from the file includes/modules/order_total/ot_shipping.php. The extra expences for hipping are added to the total price of the order, when I use " $order->info['total'] +=$order->info['shipping_cost'];" . However - sometimes it is necessary that the customer selects the country from the checkout page, because I dont have a domain for those countries. In this case an ajax request is made to checkout_ajax_shipping.php and checkout_ajax_total.php. In this case I also use " $order->info['total'] +=$order->info['shipping_cost'];" but now the order object is not updated with the new price. I can make it show the right price on the checkout page but when I go to payment it still shows the old price without the extra shipping cost. I have no problems getting the values out from the order object in the checkout_ajax_shipping.php and checkout_ajax_total.php files but I cannot update the order. I use require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'order.php'); $order = new order; but I still cannot manipulate the order_total value. Does anyone know a way to manipulate the price from the checkout_ajax_shipping.php and checkout_ajax_total.php files or do I have to work it out in a different way? Regards, carsten
  7. hey guys, I have a scenario. I'm doing dropshipping and used osCommerce to build webstore to sell the items. Everything is great except when it comes to shipping calculations. Here is the scenario: - Supplier A ships from US. He has fixed shipping cost. Within US $5.90 + $0.50 per additional item. For international shipping $7.90 + $0.80 per additional item. - Supplier B ships from US. Free shipping within US and International shipping cost varies based on countries to be shipped. - Supplier C ships within US and Canada only. Free shipping - Supplier D ships from Australia and shipping charges varies on countries item being shipped. Is there any module or combination of modules that can accommodate all the above said scenario? I think If there is a module that can set the shipping attributes based on manufacturer/product can solve this issue. For example Sony ships to US only etc..
  8. bkief12

    Paypal not adding shipping cost

    Hi i recently transfer my site from one host to another and i updated all the configuration files to reflect this change. All the modules work execept for when a costumer goes pay in paypal. During check out of a product the price + shipping costs appear but when he/she is directed to paypal the shipping cost dispears. I can't figure out why. Thanks
  9. Is there a module for shipping via DHL from the USA for domestic and international destinations? Found this, just not clear if it support int packages. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1440 Thanks G90
  10. My gift voucher works fine, as long as you do not add another product to the shopping cart. - I have downloads enabled, - The Gift Voucher Module Include Shipping option is set to false, - The shipping weight is 0, - There is nothing in the measurement field of the product... When you add it to the cart and checkout, it goes straight to the payment page, which is perfect. If you add a regular product to the cart and press checkout, you are supposed to go to the shipping page, which it also does fine. What is wrong is that there is a shipping charge added to the gift certificate and it also comes out high, like $11.86. The problem only happens if someone has another product in the cart with the certificate. This problem also raises the shipping cost of the other products to $11 too. What could be wrong? Someone wanted to buy a $100 gift card, but the shipping cost stopped them. How can I keep the shipping cost off if it has to go to the shipping page? I can understand PHP and HTML etc, just need to figure out how to fix asap, if possible. Thanks
  11. frankcat

    UK Shipping - HELP

    Hi, Want to set up shipping for UK ONLY and also for United Kingdom to be the default dropdown in checkout for the "Country". Also all product have a shipping rate of £5 Also free delivery for purchases over £50 Can anyone help???? Been trying to sort this out for 4 hours no :mellow: Martin
  12. I have store items that are sold by the pound. 1 pound at certain ship rate, then a charge for every xtra pound. Want to offer free shipping over 75.00 dollar order as well. But that won't stick either. 1:8,2:9.50,3:10.50,4:11.50,5:12.50,6:0.00 Tried diff variations on that list to no avail. It always just charges for the 1 pound rate and the handling fee. So lost. Any help out there?
  13. Hello! I'm pretty new to OScommerce & have had no trouble making minor changes, but my partner & I have run into a problem. Not sure if this is shipping or payment... Here's what is going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. For PAYMENT I already have a Free Shipping installed. The current text says on order over $75 I want to change it to $99 I can "edit" it.. but that doesn't change it. It's somewhere in HTML coding that it needs to be changed. And I want to ADD a new payment options that says "Email Money Transfer" (For example, Please send transfer to --email address-- Package will not be shipped until transfer is received) And then I want to ADD a SHIPPING option. Local customers $4.00
  14. V2.3.1. Windows server. Installed USPS Methods (6.1.a) (no previous USPS Methods was ever installed) 1. Replaced (deleted originial) /includes/modules/shipping/usps.php 2. added the usps.php in /includes/modules/shipping/usps.php and /includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/usps.php 3. Modified /admin/modules.php as instructed. Now when I go to my Admin/Modules/Shipping, USPS is not an available option as module to install. (others like Flat Rate, Zone Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong or what I should look for? Thanks Mark
  15. I have been trying to figure out if its even possible to send UPS.com's create a label page the ship to info like with the contribution for USPS called "USPS Shipping Labels". Has anyone figured anything out on this? I can only pass that page info using the web console in firefox to enter the info and thats a pain.
  16. The U.S. Postal Service is changing their APIs for rate caculation. They say that web sites have to be updated prior to March 31 to continue working. I've been looking for an updated module here on the osCommerce forums but can't find one. All I want to do is update my site so that it will continue to work with USPS info after March 31. But all I've seen here are modules that add shipping methods features that I don't need. Are there simple instruction somewhere so that this update can be implemented? I appreciate any help.
  17. Hi, I have been looking for a module which will allow me to do the following options for shipping: 1. I am using Flat Rate for shipping 2. As well i need an another shipping mode same like Flat rate with different price. So basically 2 shipping modes with 2 different fixed prices and different delivery times (Dates) So can any one help me on this? Thank you
  18. Hi all, Is there any possible way to get Domestic and International Shipping methods for First Class, Priority Mail, and Express Mail without the use of any USPS shipping module? I would like to have those options available to customers without having to connect to a USPS online tools/service. I have done a little bit of research and it seems that using the USPS Methods module is the only way to get First Class, Priority Mail, and Express Mail shipping methods for Domestic and International Shipping. Is there another way, perhaps different modules, to achieve this? I am running osCommerce 2.3.1.
  19. I just downloaded USPS Methods 6.1 to use on our OSCommerce 2.2RC1 store. In the installation instructions, it says: NOTE: SELECTING ANY GIVEN SHIPPING METHOD DOES NOT ENSURE IT WILL BE AVAILABLE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. USPS RETURNS A SET OF POSSIBLE SHIPPING METHODS DEPENDING ON POINT OF ORIGIN AND DESTINATION, AND THIS CONTRIBUTION MERELY FILTERS THEM SO THAT NON-SELECTED METHODS ARE NOT PRESENTED TO THE CUSTOMER AS CHOICES. I have Express Mail, pretty much all the Priority Mail, First Class, etc. options selected. What I'm finding in my testing is that the module is offering me (as a testing customer) Express Mail Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box Priority Mail (just the regular) Parcel Post First Class Mail What I find odd is that it is only offering me the Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box, and none of the other Flat Rate Boxes. If I remove the Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box option on the configuration page, then I don't get any other Priority Mail Flat Rate option. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone have any ideas what may be causing this? Any help / feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  20. I am perplexed, as the Store Pickup Shipping Module doesn't seem to be rocket-science. I have followed the instructions completely but when I do a test with a fictitious customer (who also 'lives' in Georgia), the Store Pickup option doesn't appear during checkout, only my table rate shipping. I selected Georgia (where I live) as my zone (which is the same as my tax zone), and left the zip code section completely blank. I also assigned a Sort Order. The only thing I can guess is that I am doing something wrong with the zone? Any help would be appreciated. My site is: www.makingmodernmemories.com/catalog P.S. I am very new to all this (as you can tell by my site, I'm a quilter, not a programmer!), but I have much respect for osCommerce and all it's contributors. I am grateful for all that you do!
  21. bilums13

    Only want 3 zones

    Since now, everything has soaked in very well. My problem is with shipping. All products in our shop are the same weight so we needn't go down that route. All we want is 3 zones, these are UK, Europe, rest of world. Can anyone suggest the best route to achieving this? The website is http://www.theemjcompany.com Hope someone nice can help.
  22. Hi Please treat me gently. I have a developer who has added the basic cart for me to my store & now I am left to edit & add products. The stumbling block is shipping. I can see I can add this for US shipping: Zone Based Rates Enable Zones Method True Tax Class --none-- Sort Order 1 Zone 1 Countries US Zone 1 Shipping Table 2.9:1.00,4.9:5.00,15.9:7.00,19.9:10.00,10000:0.00 Zone 1 Handling Fee 0 No idea how to add an additional Zone based rates, with a completely different shipping table, for Worldwide shipping. I have tried reading the guide but I have no joy. If anyone wants to hold me hand and guide me I would be most appreciative. Thanks Tanya Tate
  23. Hello. I have just installed (and finally got working) the USPS shipping module. Not I'm trying to work out which shipping methods I want to offer. However, I have noticed that the module automatically starts the shipping weight at 3 lbs. I have items that magazines and weigh only ounces, yet if someone only orders one, they are getting charged for 3 lbs. Is there any way to change this default weight? Thank you.
  24. jlivsey

    shipping module help

    Hi I have a site Im configuring and need a method for handling shipping that takes weight into account AND address. So for example a product that weighs 2kg would cost 1.50 to deliver in the home country but then + 2.00 in Europe and then +3.50 for the rest of the world. There are so many addons out there for shipping but i cant seem to find one that suits perfectly, does anyone know if such a thing exists? thanks!
  25. I want to know if there is a shipping method that will only kick in if the weight total is greater than what UPS will quote. I'd like to be able to tell my customer that 'we'll contact you to arrange a shipping method before any charges are made'. Any shipping module that will handle this? Thanks, Kay