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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, Is it possible to add a descriptive title of the image when using the colorbox headertag script. just a single line of text will do, directly under the image in the popup window? Mike
  2. I am hoping someone can help because i have tried everything and cannot work out why the javascript is making the thumbnail of one of the images in the 1st column smaller in height and width than the others. Everything is correctly set in ht_productcolorbox.php in modules\headertags. the css is this #piGal { width: 360px; } #piGal img { max-width: 360px; height: auto; } /* Image overlap fix */ .photoset-row { padding-bottom: 5px; } Javascript settings, ive only added a 10px gutter, nothing else. $oscTemplate->addBlock('<script>var ImgCount = $("#piGal").data("imgcount"); $(function() {$(\'#piGal\').css({\'visibility\': \'hidden\'});$(\'#piGal\').photosetGrid({layout: ""+ ImgCount +"",width: \'360px\' +"",gutter: \'10px\' ,highresLinks: true,rel: \'pigallery\',onComplete: function() {$(\'#piGal\').css({\'visibility\': \'visible\'});$(\'#piGal a\').colorbox({maxHeight: \'90%\',maxWidth: \'90%\', rel: \'pigallery\'});$(\'#piGal img\').each(function() {var imgid = $(this).attr(\'id\').substring(9);if ( $(\'#piGalDiv_\' + imgid).length ) {$(this).parent().colorbox({ inline: true, href: "#piGalDiv_" + imgid });}});}});});</script>', $this->group); this is the output im getting on the screen in image attached. it doesn't matter if i set 3 or 4 or 5 images per column. one of the images, i think its second one, is always being shown with less height and width. it looks like some javascript is doing something but i have no clue as nothing seems to affect it. Nothing in the css, or in ht_productcolorbox.php ive set in admin, columns to 13333
  3. I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for alternatives to the colorbox script? I found this here http://stylehatch.github.io/photoset-grid/ Has anyone used this one? I'm trying to work out how the product_info.php piGal code is displaying the html output.