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  1. Is anyone interested in helping me tweak the Monthly Sales and Tax Report? I can send you $50 USD using Paypal? I am using version 2.3.1 found here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,539/category,all/search,monthly+sales Here's what I would like to do: Modify Nontaxed Sales Column: 1.) Change a column from "Nontaxed Sales" to "Cost Price" 2.) I would like this column to be similar to the "Product Sales" column but instead of getting the information from the "products.products_price" I would like it to grab the price from a newly created column called "products.products_cost" for the corresponding order ID. Modify Taxed Sales Column: 1.) Change a column from "Taxed Sales" to "Taxes Paid" 2.) I would like the "Taxes Paid" column to calculate the taxes I paid on the cost of the items. This calculation is "Taxes Paid" amount multiplied by 0.13. Therefore, if the cost of an item was $100 I would like the Taxes Paid column to show $13.00. Modify the Tax on Shipping column 1.) Change a column from "Tax on shipping" to "Total Profits" 2.) I would like this column to calculate the following for each month: "Cost Price" minus "Shipping & Handling" equals "Total Profits"
  2. DISREGARD - I resolved my issue.
  3. Hi everyone, I installed this module this morning and everything appears to be working properly. I do have one minor issue and I'm hoping someone here can help. I installed the Package Tracking with Email Notification Mod along with the Order Editor 2.7.4 The order_editor.php page shows the UPS Tracking Number(s) properly. But the orders.php shows TABLE_HEADING_UPS_TRACKING I apologize if this is something simple. I've been using osCommerce for a while now but just recently started getting into the installation and configuration of modules. FYI for the contributor - I thought the documentation was great and very easy to follow. Kudos.