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  1. roger001

    Error: Cannot reach Canada Post Server

    The solution was to have my hosting provider open OUTBOUND port 30000 to sellonline.canadapost.ca Problem solved!
  2. For Fedex users reading this, try here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=259542
  3. Thank you. I went the admin area Configuration --> My Store And checked that the "Store Address & Phone" we correct. Then I went to modules --> Shipping --> United Parcel Service Here is the only information that can be entered/edited for the UPS module: Enable UPS Shipping True UPS Pickup Method OTP UPS Packaging? CP UPS Residential Delivery? RES UPS Handling Fee 0 UPS Tax Class GST Shipping class UPS Shipping Zone --none-- UPS Sort order of display. 2 UPS Shipping Methods Nxt AM,Nxt AM Ltr,Nxt,Nxt Ltr,Nxt PR,Nxt Save,Nxt Save Ltr,2nd AM,2nd AM Ltr,2nd,2nd Ltr,3 Day Select,Ground,Canada,World Xp,World Xp Ltr, World Xp Plus,World Xp Plus Ltr,World Expedite Thanks for any help!
  4. To whoever has the same error, I Googled a related issue and was able to fix it by doing this: Edit the .../includes/modules/shipping/fedex1.php Find this line: $data .= '68,"USD"'; // Insurance value currency And edit it to say this instead: $data .= '68,"CAD"'; // Insurance value currency The Fedex module works now! I assume those that have this issue and it says CAD then change to say USD?
  5. Hi, what did you do to fix this? Please let us know. Thanks! :)
  6. Hi, Please can someone help me? I get this error from the UPS shipping module when users try to checkout: We are unable to obtain a rate quote for UPS shipping. Please contact the store if no other alternative is shown. It seems every single other shipping module (except local pickup) is also failing - Could this be related? I checked that the UPS settings in Admin area were correct. Has anyone else run into such and issue. Please can anyone help. Would be appreciated, thanks! :)
  7. Hi! Can anyone help me please. Here is the error I get from the Fedex shipping module when customers try to checkout: No Rates Returned, E561 : Currency Code for Intra-CA request must CAD The site is using CAD (Canada) currency, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to why this is suddenly happening. (Not sure if this is related but ALL shipping modules are failing except for Local Pickup). Has anyone run into this issue before. I did look at a couple other threads about this, butt he dates wer older and the file codings had changed since then. Any help would be welcome. (And the Fedex account number and meter number, etc. was also entered correctly). Thanks for any help! :)
  8. Hi All, I get this error on the Canada post module when a customer goes through the checkout process: Cannot reach Canada Post Server. You may refresh this page (Press F5) to try again. If you prefer to use canadapost as your shipping method, please contact the store owner. I checked the admin interface (for the Canada post module) and the correct info (below) is entered: Enter CanadaPost Server IP sellonline.canadapost.ca Enter CanadaPost Server Port 30000 Enter Selected Language(optional) en Enter Your CanadaPost Customer ID CPC_*******_****_*** Enter Turn Around Time(optional) 8 Tax Class GST Shipping class Shipping Zone --none-- Sort Order 0 Any help would be muchly appreciated. :)
  9. Hi all, One quick note. I think this is a great idea and a super contribution - Thanks! The only problem is that it does not seem compatible with oscommerce-2.2ms2 I did install Easy Populater 2.79b-MS2 first and then tried this after, but not sure if that was an issue. Unfortunately I am not a programmer. I can follow instruction (such as edits), but cannot create them. I should have copied down the error messages. But it said something about a T seperator being invalid. (Only the catagories.php files appeared broken and caused problems.) I actually tried 3 times butto no avail, so I hope someone has a newer version up their sleeve? That would be nice. This makes me wonder if there is an issue with the edits of the categories.php files. I hope any other with issues could help out? That would be welcomed. Thank you!
  10. roger001

    Please, Please Help: Paypal zero amount

    Sorry, no that is not the solution here either. I just did that and still have the same identical error (I also installed in a new space and the same thing happened there too.) When a customer selects confirm order (after selecting 'PayPal' as a payment method), then they are farmed off to PayPal. Paypal shows the correct currency and also the correct product and description. But... PayPal shows a zero dollar amount. I am not a programmer and have been trying for days to get this sorted out. I talked to a couple other eComm guys and they had the same problem. The solution they both used for all their sites was unexpected - They stopped using or recommending PayPal. In this case it is a little difficult to suggest I suppose. Again, I'm not a programmer so I certainly hope there is someone out there who can help us! Please??!! Thanks!