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  1. Hi, I would like to minimize the steps a user has to go through to checkout. Therefore I would prefer the shipping and payment options are on the same site, but dont know how excatly this is done. You know any contri or other posts that explanes this? Thanks!
  2. Hi, is it possible to get the customer fields, shipping and payment options on the same site? Thanks!
  3. Hi, just installet QTpro 4.3, and it seems to work in admin. Though when i click "stock" in admin -> catalog -> product then i can only see: Products stock: quantity. The problem is i need to set quantity for each attribute. eg: Size: small QT: 10 medium QT: 7 large QT: 29 Any contribute that can do this, or is it my regarding QTpro? /wulff
  4. wulff

    Image resizer

    The con. i've linked to also uses cache as far as i recall.. Can you post a link to the 304?
  5. wulff

    Image resizer

    Hi, im having a bit of trouble with a image resizer. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2100 It converts all my pixels_trans and other "space" images into images that cannot be found, and this takes alot of place in the design. The "pictures" is 28x30 pixels, buts nothing there. Anyone that can help? Its the fastest resizer i've found so far, links to other is appreciated too. /wulff
  6. Hi, just installed this great contribution Lightbox to show images. One thing its missing tho, is a buy button when you're watching the large image. Many customers decides to buy when watching the images, so why not give them the option to buy at once? Anyone that might help with this? /wulff
  7. Maybe its just me. fx I have the same title all over the website, it doesn't change when click categories or products.
  8. Hi, What is the best way to implement a home made design into OSC. I've tried out STS, but think it is missing a few things. Thx for the help! /wulff
  9. wulff

    advance search

    Hi, i desperately need an advanced search on my website... When you eg. search on computer, you only get the items where computer is in the headline. But if sell HP XX, and this is offcourse a computer, but then it will not show in the search. Is it possible to give each product some search word, that will find it? /wulff
  10. wulff

    Related products

    Hi Sonia, Dont think its quite what im looking for. In the description it says you have 1 master products, and then you can create slaves with a single add to cart button. What I need is that I choose some of my existing products to be displayed, and for every product there is a add to cart button.
  11. Hi, I've currently have this contribution installed: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...elated+products The problem is I need some more functions. When a customer is viewing a product, and sees the related products, I would like it to be possible to buy the related products at that page. Also with a tiny description. Anyone know if there is a cont. like this out there? /wulff
  12. Hi, I would like to be able to choose how the products are being listing in their category. Just like you do with the sort_order in categories. Is there anyone who knows how to do this? Kind regards Jacob
  13. Hi, just installed CCGV 5.16, everything seems to be ok, exept when im trying to go from shipping to checkout_payment.php. Then it just stops, and says that the load of the page is done, but nothing happens. I've tried copying the file and editing it. Nothing helps. Anyone familiar to this problem? - The admin section works just fine. Kind regards Jacob
  14. Hi, I just installed this contribution, and i get the following error, after I enabled it in admin: Cannot instantiate non-existent class splitpageresults in allprods.php on line 14 Anyone know what causes this? /jacob
  15. I just installed this contribution, but now I get no images shown. I checked the thumnails/images, there wasnt anything here. The images are not being created. What might cause this? /jacob