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  1. Look for a contribution called Dynamenu_V1.1.2 - I used it with STS and had no problems, there were options for four types of menus, horizontal drop-down menu, a vertical fly-out menu, a collapsible tree menu, or plain horizontal and vertical menus. I installed it on top of STS - some minor edits and a bit of css into the stylesheet and that was it.
  2. I have done a store where prices are not fixed for different reasons, we used the contributions Call For Price - which will show the text call for Price instead of $0.00 - this text is easy to edit, we use P.O.A. We also used another contrib called Order Editor 3 - which allows orders to be updated when price info comes through. Both of these contribs worked well with each other and were installed on top of a few other minor mods with no problems.