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  1. I'm guessing that you deleted the values for username and password in the above code. Otherwise, you will not get a database connect. And, there is a ' missing in the db_server_password which would also break things. Otherwise, did you include a value for the products_status column or did you leave it at the default of 0? If you left it at zero then the code would likely not allow it to be added to the cart. Mark
  2. What is everyone's experience with Google Webmaster Tools? Especially in your results in Getting the Google Indexing bots to fully crawl and index your site. For example: Tools tells me that Google Index Status shows 4100 total indexed and 0 blocked by robots.txt Crawl Sitemap tells me that I have submitted 2160 URLs and only 150 indexed. No issues, it says. I'm guessing that the 4100 includes images, and only 150 of the URLs are indexed due to Structured Data. Structured Data shows about 3000 products and on 800 pages. No errors. I build the sitemap.xml and submit it as my products change, about twice a week. Once on Saturday and again on Wednesday, depending on how many product changes/additions are provided by my supplier. This particular store has been active now about a month. Is what I am seeing about normal, or should I see better results? Am I lucky to get this much so soon? Or, am I reading the results incorrectly? What's your experience? Mark
  3. Great! So, left on its own we can expect Google to do the rich cards or whatever in due time? M.
  4. Is anyone aware of any work being done, or a contribution that may already exist that follows the format? Mark
  5. @@csaba I have a process that runs every so often that updates my products quantity on hand and prices changes, as supplied by my vendor. The last couple of lines of the job is here: if ($qty == 0){ $product_status = 0; } else { $product_status = 1; } $sql = "update products set products_quantity = '" . $qty . "', products_price = '" . $cost . "', products_status = '" . $product_status . "' where vendor_model = '" . $itemno . "' and vendor_id = '1'"; $result = $mysqli->query($sql); } I have an extra couple of fields in my db since I have multiple vendors so you will have to edit this to match your db and run it as your application warrants. Mark
  6. Thanks Jack!
  7. @@Jack_mcs In the sitemap page I only get the categories listed. It will list each product if I set it to do so, but with over 1500 items I do not list each item. But, it does not list any other page.... information, privacy, shipping, or any that I created. Should it?
  8. @@beerbee Yes, all the SEO fields are completed. Actually, on closer inspection, that shows in the upper part of the HEAD section just before the TITLE, and the correct META tag is shown down near the bottom of the HEAD section right above the script line. I know multiple meta tags will not hurt anything unless the bots mistakenly use the wrong one, but we should be able to eliminate that line in favor of the correct one.
  9. When viewing the source of one of my product pages I see this: <meta name="description" content="META_SEO_DESCRIPTION"> I'm going to start looking for the reason this morning, but is anyone else seeing this? Has it been known before? Is there a published errata on this? Thanks Mark
  10. All is well with that but I'm a perfectionist.... I'd like to see the Social Bookmarks all on one line, if there is enough room. Presently they look like this, 3 on each line. Did I miss some configuration or is it a common configuration that would change other things also? Mark
  11. @@kymation Followed instruction exactly and got errors. Then realized the post was from years before templates were in use, I think. Can you add to those instructions to include what else needs to be changed in each template directory and anywhere else? I'm fixing errors as I come to each and logically copying files and changing, but it would be nice if you could do that as I might miss something and lead someone astray if I were to do it. Thanks Mark
  12. @@kymation Thanks!
  13. Is there an add on, procedure, or detailed written instructions on creating a new box to install on a BS-Edge shop? Thanks Mark
  14. Agreed. It doesn't seem to affect anything at all. I'm fine with letting it go with the way it is. Thanks
  15. @@Jack_mcs That changed the error to: Warning: file() expects parameter 1 to be a valid path, array given in /home/html/admin/includes/functions/sitemap.php on line 205 Line 205 is now: $lines = file($path);