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  1. I didn't have to install any add-on to get that functionality. My settings are in the Administration - Modules -> Order Totals -> Shipping -> Allow Free Shipping=True, Free Shipping for Orders Over $xx.xx
  2. mdtaylorlrim

    Google Base feeds

    All of mine so far have been tab delimited as well. Funny thing, about a month an a half ago one feed quite working after 9 months or so of working just fine. Never did fix it. Had to delete it and start over with a different name.
  3. mdtaylorlrim


    Probably. I've been a USPS shipper for long before the switch. I would assume if they directed you there and you registered properly it will.
  4. mdtaylorlrim

    Google Base feeds

    I only see the header line. Is there a <CR> at the end of the line and the first item starts on the next line?
  5. mdtaylorlrim


    Testing is not necessary because you are using it in osCommerce. Email them back and tell them that you are using osC and they will switch your account to the production server and give you the directions to change the server settings in the USPS module. The only common thing that keeps it from working is users not entering the Shipping Origin Zip Code in the Shipping configuration of the admin section.
  6. mdtaylorlrim


    Either you made an error in the installation or you need to clear your browser cache. Sometimes simply closing the browser and restarting it is sometimes enough to stop that error. I'd clear your browser cache first, then recheck the installation steps closely. Site monitor does not change anything that would stop you from accessing your admin pages.
  7. mdtaylorlrim

    Bulk Products Upload

    The best add=on to install depends on what media your product information is provided to you on. Having an XML upload procedure is useless to you unless you have your data in an XML file, etc. So, how do you now have the product information?
  8. mdtaylorlrim

    Easy questions here...

    All of the shipping add ons on the customer side are shipping estimators. I believe there are one or two add-on that work on the admin side and do create labels but I cannot point you to one. I would not be comfortable leaving that function to an automated add-on as any error might result in shipping delays or paying too much... Your mileage will vary..
  9. mdtaylorlrim

    USPS Domestic Methods problem

    I would suspect that your database for the MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_XXXX keys are duplicated. I would first uninstall the USPS module, then reinstall. If that yields the same results then do a database search: select configuration_id, configuration_title, configuration_key from configuration where configuration_key like "MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_%" Analyze the results and see if you have any duplicate keys. I might still delete all the USPS configuration keys and then reinstall the module. If the results are still the same then I would be looking into downloading the most recent USPS code and reinstalling the php code.
  10. mdtaylorlrim

    Header Tags SEO

    Thanks. It's so easy to just ask when you have such a ready reference at hand, even though I enjoy making my own changes and making computers do what I want them to do instead of what I tell them to do...
  11. mdtaylorlrim

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack, Site Monitor reported a change in header_tags.php today. I'm guessing that Header Tags alters that file when you add the code to an individual file you want included with header tags. Is that right? Say that I remove the header tags code in a file because I no longer need that in the file. Is is safe to simply remove the matching code in the header_tags.php file?
  12. mdtaylorlrim


    Well, AFTER all the security updates... Google Sitemap XML, Header Tags SEO, and Ultimate SEO URLs Put your Sitemap URLs in your robots.txt file. Hmm...what did I miss? Oh yeah...not an SEO, but Google Products, Webmaster Tools, Google Merchant Center After that, find forums related to your products, register, create a signature with your site address in it, and participate. That puts your site links on other sites to be indexed. The more indexed sites with links pointing back to you, the better. Google has gotten wise to Link Exchange programs and are pretty much ignoring them, making any cost for them worthless.
  13. mdtaylorlrim

    Easy Populate Install

    You might check your install steps, step by step, again. I don't use EP but things normally don's just show up automagically, you have to enter the code. You might have missed a step. Maybe someone else will come along that has installed it and knows for sure...
  14. mdtaylorlrim

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack, what would it take to get the products_model into the Title tag and Description tag of products_info.php?
  15. mdtaylorlrim


    After you make the change now remove the username and password. Under normal conditions they are not necessary. And my suggestion assumed the default admin directory called 'admin' but you should have changed that if you followed the security suggestions.
  16. mdtaylorlrim


    This line does not appear right to me... $admin_dir = 'http'; //your shops admin It should probably be something like... '/home/woiqqwab/public_html/admin'
  17. mdtaylorlrim

    Item is collect only

    Or there is a COD payment module...store pickup (shipping) module...
  18. mdtaylorlrim

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Jack, does the code have an option to add to the robots.txt file? Maybe I just missed it. Like... Sitemap: http://www.example.tld/sitemapindex.xml Sitemap: http://www.example.tld/sitemapcategories.xml Sitemap: http://www.example.tld/sitemapmanufacturers.xml Sitemap: http://www.example.tld/sitemapspecials.xml Sitemap: http://www.example.tld/sitemapproducts.xml Sitemap: http://www.example.tld/sitemappages.xml That way the sitemaps would be available to any other bot.
  19. mdtaylorlrim

    Adding new Payment module

    Contact your existing merchant company and ask them if they have a drop in module for osCommerce. If not, then you are on your own if there is not one in the add ons section for your merchant company.
  20. mdtaylorlrim

    UPSXML and hazmat

    Does anyone know of a UPS XML (or order total module, maybe?) or other shipping module that will deal with adding HAZMAT fees? I'm not concerned with dealing with multiple boxes or mixed class of hazmat. Just adding a flat rate onto the cart at checkout if any product from a specific category is purchased. One fee regardless of how many products are purchased.
  21. mdtaylorlrim

    Remove E.D.D. from UPS XML

    Have you set the 'Disply Time in Transit' to NOT? Then there is also the 'Shipping Delay' to get a more accurate time in transit.
  22. mdtaylorlrim

    Low Order Fee

    Fine. Then upload your contribution calling it 'Graduated Low Order Fee' or something else.
  23. mdtaylorlrim

    Remove Payment/Shipping Modules

    Just remove them from the /includes/modules/payment|shipping directories.
  24. mdtaylorlrim


    I don't see this as a good cron job. Try changing it to this... php /usr/www/users/shop/admin/sitemonitor.php
  25. mdtaylorlrim

    conditions of use

    Edit their respective language files. /catalog/includes/languages/%your_language%/[conditions|privacy|shipping].php I think...