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    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    How important or necessary is it to update jquery and jqueryui? My ui is at 1.10.4 My jquery is at 1.11.1 The jquery site shows the current is at 3.1.1 This is a stock 2.3.4 with almost no add-ons yet. Adding a new Theme that I created presented no problems, but it is huge, comparatively. What options need to be check on the packager and what can we safely uncheck? Mark
  2. mdtaylorlrim


    If you click the TOP update button, the first time it will list all files as it creates the baseline. The second time it should not list anything. If it does then you may have a permissions problem preventing Site Monitor from writing the reference file.
  3. mdtaylorlrim

    Process to get approved for payment processing

    One of the criteria for selecting a payment processor should be ease of installation. I chose a processor that provides a drop in payment module that required uploading two files in the correct place, then configuring it. No code changes at all. And the module was provided by the processor and not by the add ons section here. That tells me that if ANYTHING changes my processor will provide an updated module. The company faxed me the forms which I completed and faxed back. The next day I am able to accept credit card payments. Of course, I have an existing relationship with this company but as I recall it was the same for the first as it was for the last application I submitted.
  4. mdtaylorlrim

    Old credit card type method

    Me too. But the reason is far different. In an open source eCommerce solution like osCommerce it is often used by nontechnical persons that have not even built their first web site, let alone a solution that has the potential to collect personal information and credit card details waiting to be stolen by the first hacker that comes along. Not to mention that the credit card module that is shipped with osC previous releases specifically said 'Not for Production Use' and it was ignored by many and thus there are tons of hacked online stores out there just waiting for me to put in my credit card details... It is rather simple. The osC developers do not wish to continue to add to the massive amount of credit card fraud going on in this world. If you want a solution to accept credit card yourself, and wish to subject yourself to the tens of thousands of dollars in fines, or potentially violate your credit card processing agreement by taking online payments when your agreement does not provide for it, then there are OPEN SOURCE credit card modules out there, or you can code your own. The open source community has no obligation to provide you with one.
  5. mdtaylorlrim

    Capture when ready to ship from OSC? Authorize.net

    I don't know about Authorize.net in particular, but every payment processor I have dealt with has an AUTH ONLY type of transaction. When you are ready to ship you simply manually capture the charge in the payment processors administration panel. Some are set within the module installed in osC while others are set in the configuration of the payment processors administration panel. Like I say, don't know how the Authorize.net module works.
  6. mdtaylorlrim

    Payment Type Charge

    It sounds like what you have done it add a surcharge to the order total when a credit card is used, which is a direct violation of every MasterCard/Visa agreement I have ever read...
  7. mdtaylorlrim

    USPS Shipping Methods v2.3?

    Why not give it a try and let us know? 2.3 is so new maybe nobody has been able to test it yet. However, the development team has stated they have taken great care in making sure previous mods will continue to work. I would try it if I had a working 2.3 version myself.
  8. mdtaylorlrim

    UPS XML location?

    Those are not data that is revealed at any point. I happens all within the modules. In order to see it you would have to insert code in various parts of the module to write it to a file. What is it you are really doing?
  9. mdtaylorlrim

    Individual Product Shipping Prices

    Well...DUH! Starting two different threads on the same thing is very annoying... I answered in the other thread. I see I wasted my time, but am glad you got a good answer.
  10. mdtaylorlrim

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Mine takes in excess of 90 seconds, but I have about 20k products. It uploads just fine. There are hosts that do not allow ftp outbound connections. For those you turn off the ftp in the googlefeeder.php file and in your Google Merchant center you schedule a fetch of your feed. You still run it as a cron job and schedule the fetch the next day. That works just fine also.
  11. mdtaylorlrim

    accuracy of shipping calculations

    osCommerce does not do the calculation. The USPS module that you install sends a query to the USPS servers for the rates. What is returned to osCommerce comes from USPS. Of course, you set up the module with specific input parameters and USPS uses those to do the calculations. Garbage in = garbage out, so configure your module correctly and you will get reasonable rates.
  12. mdtaylorlrim

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    If memory serves me right, and you may have a newer version of this contribution, you should be able to use your browser and go to http://your_site/admin/googlefeeder.php and see the results in your browser. Only after you get a successful upload should you create the cron job. The error will be displayed in your browser, and it looks like the username or password may not be correct. Case sensitive remember.. Or your host is not allowing an ftp outbound connection from your server.
  13. mdtaylorlrim

    Step 8 and URL issue

    You need to install the correct version. On the contributions page use the History tab and read the descriptions. It will usually tell you things like languages and version changes, etc. Yes, you will still see php files. The purpose is not to obscure php files and translate them to html files, the purpose is to provide search engines with html types instead of dynamic php pages. Things like account pages and login pages are not indexed by the search engines so do not need to appear as html files to assist in page ranking in the search engines.
  14. mdtaylorlrim


    I have NOTHING in username and password fields and my Site Monitor works fine. Maybe it's an old version and the newer versions requires it...don't know.
  15. mdtaylorlrim

    site monitor problem

    Did you go to Sitemonitor -> Configure and set the options? It looks like you do NOT have an admin directory but SiteMonitor is looking for the default admin directory.
  16. mdtaylorlrim

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    I sent all of mine, AND put them in my robots.txt file.
  17. mdtaylorlrim

    Help with 'On The Fly Auto Thumbnailer

    Look at the code. The line number may or may not be the same as the instructions claim due to any other edits that may have taken please prior. A function looks like this: function tep_image(something or nothing may be in herre) { ..... ..... ..... } You will need to replace the entire tep_image() function. From the "function tep_image()" line to the ending } and realize that there may be many { and } along the way. Usually if you find the next occurrence of a "function xxx{}" line the } just before that will be the end of the previous function. Make a copy of the file before you change it and if it mis-behaves just put the original back up while you look ofr your error.
  18. mdtaylorlrim

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    The select your database on the left, then the SQL tab on the right. Remove the contents of the text area and put the contents of google_xml_sitemap_seo.sql in it. Press GO. Look for the return message above that text area when the procedure is complete.
  19. mdtaylorlrim

    Adding Sales Tax for Each County

    Ouch! I hope the 'real world' as you call it never comes to Texas. Here, if we actually deliver a product into another taxable jurisdiction we must charge the tax of that jurisdiction. That is physically enter the political boundaries. That does not mean ship to via a service. It is only if our delivery trucks enter that jurisdiction. Otherwise, we do not have a nexus within that jurisdiction.
  20. mdtaylorlrim


    Yes, create the directory (folders are on windows machines, lol) in the root. How you set permissions is sometimes dependent on your host. Sometimes an ftp program can do it, but if unsuccessful you will need to use the hosts cPanel or other user interface to your site.
  21. mdtaylorlrim


    Search the add-ons. There is one called The Feed Machine but I do not use it. I do use Google Base Feeder and it works well.
  22. mdtaylorlrim

    Allowed memory size of 33554432

    Try reducing the number of files Site Monitor is looking at, at least temporarily. Like, exclude the images directory, and see if that changes anything.
  23. mdtaylorlrim

    Adding Sales Tax for Each County

    Well that could be in Canada. I'm no use with Canadian law...I concede that. Actually, here in Texas, if a purchaser buys from out of state he is required to report the purchase to the state and pay the tax (I know of no one that actually does.) However, since the state cannot enforce a state law on the residents of another state it will never happen here. At least not at the state level. If we ever get a national sales tax then that will be a completely different story. I can never see a time when an online store will be required to pay tax to a government authority in another state. But, I can see that internet sales could become taxable to sales outside the state, and paid to the state where the store is located. Of course, that is just here in the states. And my humble opinion.
  24. mdtaylorlrim

    Adding Sales Tax for Each County

    It normally doesn't have to. The usual is for applicable sales tax being calculated on the point of sale, that's your store location, not on the customers location. I have never found a confirmed case where a store must calculate the tax based on the county where the customer lives. It has always been the store location.
  25. mdtaylorlrim

    blank admin page

    Give us a few lines before and after that line as well. A lot of times the error is caused by not ENDING the previous line.